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Friday, August 17, 2012

Paula Bennett misleads country on drug testing costs

Bashing dirty filthy bennies is one thing, but misleading the public about how much that bashing is going to cost us must give the redder-necked Shire Volk of NZ cause to pause?

Bennett excitedly told the country of her new drug testing beneficiary brainfart a month after the Government was desperately trying to put any issue other than the larger classroom fiasco in the headlines.

The haste with which they had to put a raw meat piece of policy together to try and deflect attention away from that political self mutilation hit it's first hiccup one day later when Paula had to quickly explain that it wouldn't be used against addicts who were on sickness beneficiaries as critics started to feast on her announcement.

It seems that won't be the only back-peddling Paula will be doing as it has now been revealed that a Ministry of Health document has cast a deep shadow over her claim that this drug testing regime will save any money...

The memo indicates the plan to cut benefits for job seekers who fail drugs tests could cost up to $14 million per year - double what the Government is setting out to save.

It also says the move could have a dubious effect on people's health and overall welfare.

Beneficiaries who use drugs recreationally could overstate their use to prevent their benefits being cut.

...Paula has misled the country on the costs of this raw meat policy and it looks like it will be simply counter productive if every beneficiary claims they are now an addict to avoid the tests.

This idiocy was spat out when National were frantic for headline space to gloss over their political mismanagements, it looks like that haste will bite Bennett in the arse at a time when her judgement is currently being heavily criticized.

She has threatened all those on benefits that she would release their personal details after the Human Rights Commission told her she was in breach of privacy, she won't measure child poverty and was flippant about those children who are in poverty and now she has been caught out misleading the country on drug testing costs.

She's allowed to get away with this because as a solo mother, she's the perfect front for draconian legislation aimed at solo mothers and no one ever lost an election by bashing dirty filthy bennies.

The manner in which we are allowing the most vulnerable in society to be treated should be a national shame.



At 17/8/12 3:22 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I think we just have to accept that Puller Bent is simply an abomination - a leopard skinned, ug-booted ferral wild cat. Don't embarrass her too much please! She has the potential to destroy National's esprayshun's whilst on her current course. Even Lockwood Smith is pissed with the silly bitch.
If you must, challenge her on her hypocrasy (e.g..... her willingness and lobbying of WINZ woilst a DPBer - to hassle WINZ staff constantly about her intoitlmints and collect on every last little dollar she could screw out of the tex paya - then her programme subsequently as an MP to deprove others of claiming anything NEAR what she had collected)
A disgustingly UGLY individual from whatever perspective you choose.
I hope she keeps it up. When Sleepy Hobbits awaken, not only will they realise, but she'll serve as the ultimate embarrassment for NACT, the Murrey Party and anyone that cosses to have anything to o with her. People like this silly bitch are perfectly capable of fucking themsleves up. Watch though, that when all come to realise, watch her squeel like a stuffed pig about how it's everyone else's fault as she slips herself into her leopard-skin 'victim' costume.
She's already said "oid do the same gain" - PLEASE Puller, do so and keep on doing so.

At 17/8/12 3:36 pm, Blogger Tim said...

P.S. Strangely enough, Pulla and Josie share some characteristuks. Pulla leads the ferral wing of Neshnool. Josie leads the eqivalent for Labour. Both are in the wrong party. Pulla shouldn't be in any party. Josie, when she's gotten over having married a pulla with a good surname (shows what a wanker the woman actually is) will hopefully "awaken" like Chris Finlayson says he did, and have the guts to convert rather than try and hijack something already established.
Unlike others.... I'm hoping they both keep up with their bullshit. If last Tuesday's nine-to-noon effort by Josie is anything to go by, she (like Pulla B) are perfectly capable of destroying their credibility ALL BY THEMSELVES - even to the sleepiest of hobbits.

At 17/8/12 8:26 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

My God ! I'm a Political Addict ! I shouldn't be here . I need my sanity and yet I'm strangely drawn to this binary code of a place . A string of Ones and Zeros . When I looked at Paula Bennetts photograph posted here recently I saw an upside down arse hole with teeth . Try it ? Turn her image upside down and look ! There ? See ? Her gruesome cleavage is like a fat arse crack . Her head of hair a lush pubic forest ? Her gibbering maw the toothy , gaping brown star and she has those neat , cruel , meat eating teeth too . Oh My God ! I'm having an acid flash back ! Why couldn't I have seen that beautiful young woman naked whom I'd been in love with years ago instead ? Paula Bennett is a fiend and should be pelted out of town under a hail of shit . But not the good shit . And that would be the shit of ruminants .( Not those prone to contemplation but cows and stuff although for those who do Contemplate , go ahead and chuck your shit at the cunt anyway ) Make it pig shit and pelt away boys and girls ! How does this girl do it ? What bizarre aberration of time / space / common sense allows this creature to draw hundreds of thousands of tax payer monies in salaries to say and do such dreadful things to us ? It's that question that demands close attention . How does she do it and get away with it ? How do THEY do it and get away with it ? Ok . Here we go ! ' Sigh ! ' I'm going to be arrogant and have a go at answering my own question although I'd really , really like the opinion of a clinical psychologist too . Nigel Latta ? Yeah Right . It's the Media isn't it ? It's all spin and head-fuckery yeah ? It's a bit like having an itch between ones shoulder blades isn't it ? One can just about reach an answer ........ but not quite . How frustrating is that ? Fuck ! I'm crying out for help here for Gods sake . I know ! Lets send THEM to Australia . Lets send Paula and all those other politically inclined fucks to the outback ! Why not ? We can do that . We can actually send the entire government to Australia and bring back all those great Kiwis . Wouldn't that be something ? Sadly , in the here and now we have THEM . Paula Bennett hating us and wanting to hurt us . Jonky cuming over his bank statements . Little Billy English selling Hate to his son . John Banks desperately trying to be taller . Cactus Kate yearning for cock but knowing Lady Garden is for her secretly . We're being tyrannized by deviants and bullies . Oooohhh God .

At 17/8/12 8:27 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Tim . You do good . Good on you for giving a fuck .

At 18/8/12 12:53 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Thanks CB. If I was Cupid - oid hooherrup with Tau Henare - ekshly tau henare (decapitaloised).

Hey - what's your surname btw CB?
I'm reminded of all that media crap a while back about who would you turn gay for as I flik by TVNZ Heartland?
Most were visualising the likes of Sonny Bill, and various rugby players, etc.
I was visualising Pulla Bent, Kate Wilkinson etc.... and others of their ilk
Like I said - real abominations. They're just very UGLY people with an attitude that goes along the lines of their having shit that doesn't stink.

At 18/8/12 12:59 pm, Blogger Tim said...

(I'd turn gay BECAUSE of her) btw - sure as hell not FOR her. You could put a Pagani in there too. Not unlike a Dik Chainy being George's sex toy,... a Pulla Bent or a Pagani is a device one shoves up one's ass when they're feeling aspirational.

At 18/8/12 6:58 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ha @ Tim . A boys got to have his harmless little secrets . And here's a film that might prove enlightening on how they do in fact pull off the swindles , thefts and cruelty's they subject us to . Truly , this film looks very , very interesting . It's called ' Compliance ' . Pull up a chair , put your feet up . Now , shit bricks . Nigel Latta ? Fuck you !

At 19/8/12 1:27 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

Look Paula's welfare group has a member that has been driving the drug testing issue for years, Adrian Roberts. He has a contract with MSD for more than $3m/year for the last 10 years plus & has a vested interest in the drug testing policy because he wants to be at the front of the queue to supply drug testing kits.

At 19/8/12 3:08 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Jasper . Brilliant ! Now , I bet THAT'S something you wont see on the six o'clock news . When ever something doesn't make sense , money is almost always the motivation .


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