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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paula Bennett humiliated by Human Rights Commission

And it finally comes to pass...

Bennett breached beneficiary's privacy
The Human Rights Commission has told the minister she breached mother Natasha Fuller's privacy when she released details of her benefit in July 2009.

...the despicable way Paula Bennett used private information to publicize and denigrate Natasha Fuller who had the audacity to complain about losing training allowances that Paula Bennett herself had benefitted from has finally resulted in the Human Rights Commission ruling that Paula did in fact breach the privacy of Natasha.

This type of disgusting abuse of power to silence critics and terrify any other beneficiary from complaining has set Bennett down as a nasty piece of work and nothing less than a bully.

This has been settled before it reached the Tribunal which has now been stacked with National Party stooges and bigots who did not go through the normal vetting procedures.

Only the National Party of NZ could appoint a homophobic bigot to the ‘Human Rights Review Tribunal’. Right wing ideologues like ACT MP Ken Shirley and the Reverend Ravi Musuku are bad enough, but as the ever brilliant Idiot Savant over at No Right Turn has pointed out, Neeson’s long history of bigotry is something that is utterly inappropriate. For the love of Christ, Neeson has intellectually argued AGAINST giving certain groups human rights, he is a human rights vandal NOT a human rights defender!

The only question now is how much Bennett paid to settle this to avoid a formal decision against her and did she pay out of her own pocket or the taxpayers pocket?



At 15/8/12 4:22 pm, Blogger Helen Anne Designs said...

what I want to know is why this isn't on the 6 O'clock news !

At 15/8/12 5:26 pm, Blogger The Contrarian said...


Because you posted your comment an hour and a half before the news started

At 15/8/12 5:41 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Helen Anne Designs . It's because the jurno's and crew at the 6 o'clock news are terrified they'll lose their jobs if they go anywhere near it . Blast Door Bennett can relax and go nuts on the weak , the unfortunate and the just plain old unlucky because she has the power and they do not . People are afraid of this 'government' . It should always be the other way around . If we are afraid of the government , we have no government . We have a fascist regime . And what should we be doing with a fascist regime living off a democracy ? Hmmmm ? Any ideas ? Come on ? Chuck something out there ... Anybody ? What happens when push comes to shove ? Oh come on . It's easy .

Those Maori guys who roughed up jonky at that rally ..? Can't find them anywhere on the InterWeb but I did find this ;


Now , leave them alone ! Hahahahaahah!

At 15/8/12 5:42 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Q The Contrarian . Lets see then will we ?

At 15/8/12 6:25 pm, Blogger The Contrarian said...

I'm not even watching the news. I just thought it funny someone would complain about it not being on the news....some time before the news had even aired.

At 15/8/12 7:01 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Hahahahaha ! Boy , I feel silly . Thank Christ I'm no journalist . But what about Paula Bennett . Oh dear .


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