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Thursday, August 02, 2012

Olympico TV review

It's so good that the Comedy Central NZ franchise have been given some money from sugar daddy SKY NZ. The station ID's have had some thought put into them and don't suck as bad as they used to, and the chance to give local comedy an outlet beyond the cocks-and-tits-and-balls-no-girls-allowed joke-athon that is 7 Days makes paying extra for Comedy Central worth while.

Olympico is still an all boys event, but it's the actors being the cocks, tits and balls.

Putting Leigh Hart, Jeremy Wells and Jason Hoyte into one show creates humor that is Gobi desert dry. It's clever and awkwardly hilarious with genuine moments of belly laugh out loud DIY gags.

So far Olympico is one of the true TV gems of 2012 and to date this years saving grace for local TV production.

5 stars
Comedy Central
Wednesday 9pm



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