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Friday, August 10, 2012

NZ: 100% Middle Earth - where labour laws can be re-written for corporate benefit

The new tourism slogan has been changed from NZ: 100% Pure to NZ: 100% Middle Earth???

Will Key change the national anthem to 'God Defend Peter Jackson' next?

It is extraordinary that we are throwing away the NZ 100% Pure brand because we can't bother to live up to the green credentials so we become the mythical world of Tolkien while under license to Warners Bros?

Does John Key tuck Peter Jackson up at night as well?



At 10/8/12 1:18 pm, Blogger Frank said...

Funny how New Zealanders got all hot'n'bothered when our American cuzzies put pressure on us to abandon our nuke-free policy.

But when it came to Middle Earth/Peter Jackson/The Hobbit/LoTR - we dutifully fell in behind the corporate wide-boys from Hollywood.


Because NZ society is so desperate for national pride that we latched on to a mythical world so we could identify with a runaway success like LoTR.

The whole Jackson/Warner Bros thing identified the emptiness of pakeha New Zealand culture. (Pakeha don't seem to want to embrace that which Maori have to offer - unless it's a bunch of intoxicated young people doing their OE, and performing a rather bad haka for the amusement of locals.)

LoTR was filmed here and thus Middle Earth became synonymous with NZ. We took the success that went with it as well.

So when a bunch of uppity actors raised their voices, a kind of mass hysteria/moral panic set in and Actors Equity became a demonised enemy even more hated than welfare recipients.

The irony here is that without those actors, LoTR could never have happened. It's not much of a story filming vast swathes of empty countryness, sans hobbits, elves, orcs, whatever.

It was a collective madness setting in, and Key, Warner Bos, and Jackson played us like musical instruments.

When a society goes mad, en masse, it's a frightening thing. It happening in Germany in the 1930s; USA, 1950s with McCarthyism; and Cambodia, 1970s, with the Khmer Rouge.

Whoever documents the Hobbit Madness in a documentary will produce something that will last a long time in our consciousness.

At 10/8/12 2:53 pm, Blogger Tim said...

..... and the silly thing is that if ANYONE 'disses' Peter Jackson on this issue, or other 'icons' (now a totally meaningless descriptor due to overuse) on other issues, the "Tall Poppy" argument is wheeled out.
I'm old enough to remember some of these players and their (then politics) as they hovered around an address off Devon St in Wgtn. Ever since, its amazed me how creative and intelligent people who claim to have 'principle', 'loyalty' , 'importance of family and community' (and a whole lot of other "values" as being dear to them, very quickly allow it all to go down the toilet. Wouldn't surprise me if "Pete' et al claim to be "Old School" in conversation as well.

It all reminds me a bit of that silly bitch who got her stomach stapled (whose name eludes me) professing da Murray cause, ditching a sense of community values, her professed concern for the underdog -all that shite - but ditching them JUST as she reslised the priviledges associated with AMEX Gold.

It's all a bit like David Shearer followers in post-late-modernity.
But actually what it all is, is a croc of steaming shit on low boil.
I wonder these days whether "Petey" thinks (because of Eastern Subs philanthropy and investment) assumes an entitlement that is superior to Joe Blow John C Citizen. I'm sure he does. At least he, and anyone associated with him (even taking account of the swelled egos that often go with their profession), swan around near-Airport territory in Wgtn as tho' they own the place.
I'm beginning to rave so I'll leave while I can - but there is an electorate of Kiwis who'd better wake up quick, as well as a set of Labour Party politicians that should do likewise. They need realise that their strength will be in a genuine alternative to a smitchem, etchim, mum-in-dead-vestas, goan forwid - off-to-Merica-to-sport-me-sun-so-fuk-u-NZ/Efgentin-troops-en-deaths-Oim-all-roit-Jek,, etc. "The-realty-is", lower Iq, ideologically-driven, puppet-of-his-idols Proim Minster Key is successfully crashing things because a bunch of namby pamby cnuts that have allowed their personal comfort (Jackson's; that silly bitch that discovered AMEX Gold; and others) to put their principle (that they all try to shout about so fucking loudly) in second place.

At 10/8/12 8:10 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

hhahaha ! God ! You're truly great ! Tumeke and it's loyal followers ! What would I do without you guys . I work in the film business and I avoid Feature Films like the black plague they are when I can . Slave Ships I call them . All hype and blather and longer hours that Paula Bennetts pubic hairs . There's no questioning that Peter Jackson is extraordinary . He is truly amazing . His drive , determination and skill is without reproach . But wait ! What is that lurking ? There , in that dark , deep corner . Where all Evil lies . There , see ! Money ! Money baby ! It consumes and corrupts . It's abhorrent form pollutes the strongest hearts and minds . That's why , when a Government seeks solutions within the monetary realm , they have it profoundly wrong ! The ills of a people are in the lack of focus on the aesthetic . The future of the safety and mental health of the collective mindset is in beauty , empathy and love . ( @ Tim ! I am no hippy thank you very much ;) ! ) It's not in the money baby ! ( Anybody seen 'Swingers' ? ) Money is no more than a convenient facilitator . It's easier to carry around $400 hundie in ones pocket than a whole cow unless you have clown pockets . Sir Pete was rooted by dosh . As we all are . Jonky , same . Fools and their true bliss are soon parted . Warner Brother ? They just need a kick up the arse then a hug .

At 11/8/12 2:25 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@ CountryBoy - just the kick up the arse will do. No need for a hug - it's they that should be initiating the hugging.
Next thing you'll be telling me you live in Adams Terrace

At 11/8/12 9:08 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Tim . I don't know what you mean by my living in Adams Terrace sorry . I think what I meant by hugging the Warner Bros exec's is have you met a Studio executive ? Trust me , they need hugging . Not only have they been plucked from their mothers nurturing nipples prematurely but have been latched onto the tit of the public purse as of right (it would seem ). Surely , they'd come round with a bit of a hug ? No one's immune to a hug . Even trees need hugging as we all know . If you can't kill it , eat it or fuck it , then hug it . It's weird science but it seems to work . We do amazingly well at making fantastic film and I'd hate to see that get highjacked by a few Haters or greed mongers . It's certain to happen here I guess , just as it's happened all over the world . Have you seen ' Shark Versus Eagle ' by the way ? A great NZ film in my humble view . I watched ' Boy ' again the other night . Superb ! Simply superb . I loved the guy living under the bridge in the caravan . He's no egg .

I've been in a few punch-ups in my time and there's a weird place between the rage and the forgiveness . It's when you extend your hand and your hand is received . Peace reigns and respect is mutual . It feels like an ancient thing . It's human , one might argue . When brawls are confined to paper between lawyers and lawyers , that's when it gets complicated . That's where the money is . Warner Bros are money baby . That's all and that's not much in the scheme of things . If Peter Jackson's been lured into the dark recesses of the LA money scene , serves him right . He started out all creative and energetic and got lured to the Dark Side . Ho Hum . Heard it before . NZ's 100% pure brand was and is a myth . We're a dirty little country in most respects . Chemical farming , polluted waterways , filthy Wellington secrets , dirty little deals ... Jonky and his Forex/J B Elders / Harvard mates own NZ so they can call it what ever the fuck they like . What's Maori for Mac Donalds ? Jonky's whining " Hawaii is a Pisific ilind so why the complaining ? ' When hugging the enemy , you might see from the enemy's eyes . How do they see us then ?


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