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Monday, August 13, 2012

Like 6.8% of NZ, the Labour Party front bench isn't working

Matt McCarten's damning evaluation of the Labour front bench when combined with Shearer's camouflaged invisible Ninja routine helps explain a Labour Party that is stalling and spluttering again.

Matt's criticism is well placed and the need to cut out a lot of the dead wood within Labour's caucus is an urgent surgery long over due, but because of the weak choice of leader, that surgery just isn't possible right now.

What's going well for Labour?

Clare Curran - Her work on Save TVNZ7 and rebuilding Labour's public broadcasting commitment was something I've witnessed first hand and her constant digging should gain her a lot more respect than cool kids at The Standard ever give her.

Darien Fenton - Had to carry so much of Labour's visible protest for the various Union disputes last year because Shearer's advisors are desperate to break the new leader with 'old Labour'.

Sue Moroney - Amazing work on paid parental leave.

David Cunliffe - Has challenged Labour Party free market orthodoxy with a series of speeches that has shown that there is some intellectual talent within the Party.

Moana Mackey - Far smarter than anyone will give her credit for.

Phil Twyford - Far more left than anyone will give him credit for.

Charles Chauvel - One of the smartest brains Labour has.

Lianne Dalziel - Has been tireless in standing up for the voiceless in Christchurch.

Andrew Little - Very capable.

There is talent here, but the utter disarray the Caucus seem to have descended into with senior MP's attacking Cunliffe to a journalists face in the wake of more wobbly poll numbers is as damaging as the admission by these same senior MP's that Shearer could be stood down if he continues to fail to fire.

Liam Dann in the Weekend Herald is almost spluttering in his shock at how little political damage Key has received over our unemployment rate, and he's not the only one. Labour should have been all over the unemployment rate increase but the issue wasn't even mentioned in the weekend current affairs shows.

One starts wondering if there is anyone actually home in the Labour Party opposition, and if there is, when do they expect to get out of bed?

The difference between a Japanese nuclear reactor and the NZ Labour Party is that Japanese nuclear reactors know when to stop melting down.



At 13/8/12 1:43 pm, Blogger Tim said...

@Bomber - I'm not even going to read this post before commenting other than the headline. I'll comment, THEN read.
I've JUST listened to that Josie Pagannini on NatRad with Mathew Hooton. - that "From the Left....and from the RIght" crap -all mediated by that woman that has issss-youse - the one that thinks (and knows - they've paid their dues and who all seem to think they have a better right to comment on plebian-"HOOD") - not unlike the isssss-you of Moari- "DOM"). Anyway, JESUS H. CHRIST!!!! (and let's be careful out there), Hooton seemed to have a grasp of basic logic and less of opinion based on judgemental prejudice than the )no-doubt-comfortably-off Pagannini).
Her comments on those that access the 'blogosphere' and base their opinions and 'going-forwid-ekshuns as a result were JUST FUCKING STAGGERING. (Btw - she also says... mmmm NO - takeitback - that's just cruel - I mean the comment I was about to make - put it in a "mum in Dead Vestas "CLASS" - yes "CLASS" because actually that is what new-Labour/neo-Labour are actually creating!)

One of the things that could be drawn from her 'perceptions' - presumably on the basis of poll analysis/talking with other Chardonnay Soshe-lust- et al, was that those that reference the likes of this site - perhaps even a "no-right-turn- or two, ONLY BASE their jusgments on those references - with all due respect to a truck driver.

Josie I'm afraid is EVERYTHING that is wrong about the Labour party. Worse than that = she's also wrong about an electorate's intentions.

She seems to have a grasp of the issues - like why long term Labour voters failed to vote; who interacts with the internet' all that kind of crap - but if Labour are pinning their hopes on the likes of her analytical prowess, I'm afraid Labour is up SHIT CREEK with a couple of paddles the "faithfull" (bur for a few) are unwilling to grasp. I'll bet they'll go into the next electiom with policies the likes of Josie profer, but without a Plan B (Which they'll discover early on in their campaign is all arse-about-face.

At 13/8/12 1:51 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I have to do P.S's because there are these silly rules that are legitimately designed to circumvent "bots" (hey now there's a good descriptor for something bit like a Josie).
IF I'M WRONG ABOUT this Pagannini, I'm happy to apologise. I'm old enough, and with lived experiences of Labour Party past, to know that I am not.
THe silly naiive bitch even professed to having an understanding of Labour's habit of shooting itself in the foot on regular occassions.
When Labour appear to be moving in a direction that fits with "what a Hooton would do", it's in trouble.
Someone else......please listen to that NatRad podcast and comment. I'd be pleased of an alternative perspective. I found myslef agreeing more with a bitchy little Hooton than I did with a social-climbing-Chardonnay-scoffing Pagannini - and until I referenecd this site - I'd never even heard of the silly bitch


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