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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Let's all pity Katie Shuttleworth from NZ Herald

Oh poor Katie, oh God what an awful, terrible, disgusting thing the NZ Herald made her do huh?

Let's all pray to the little baby Jesus for Katie brothers and sisters, because surely the vile thing the Herald asked her to do for the Weekend Herald yesterday is one of worst cases of pimp abuse we've ever witnessed in print...

Protest over 'airbrushed' Clark photo
Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has been accused of misrepresenting her appearance in a United Nations website profile picture.

What do we all think made Katie throw up in her mouth most? The idea that a woman could be so damagingly degraded and judged on her appearance or that she had to try and contact Helen and ask for a comment on such vicious poison and pretend that it was news?

It's a tough call as to which would have been most stomach churning. Imagine having to look at yourself in the mirror after playing to such sexist double standards while knifing a fellow sister who has broken the barriers you frolic under and pretend it's journalism.

Katie deserves our pity.



At 5/8/12 8:11 am, Blogger frances jane said...

The reason Helen Clark couldn't be contacted maybe she actually has a life! (unlike John Creser) No male politician, past or present has had to endure the scathing, intolerant venom routinely pasted at Sue Bradford and now this, which is just damned silly, imo. There is endless whinging & picking at straws over Sue's anti-smacking legislation but everyone knows she's charted a new course for childrens' rights.

At 5/8/12 8:20 am, Blogger frances jane said...

and btw, go to Alec Jonse's website, there's an infomercial in the right hand feed featuring "Age Reversal"...blah blah, I'm sure Ms Clark can afford the treatment, so it may not be an airbrushing at all

At 5/8/12 9:23 pm, Blogger Ben Cooke said...

Why don't you address you criticism to John Creser, who made the complaint? Kate Shuttleworth wrote a short piece - and it appeared on the seventh page of the paper - about an advertising standards authority decision. Seems like you're just shooting at the messenger, Bomber (or shall I call you Bomie?).

At 6/8/12 2:33 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

Advertising standards decision eh bennie? How is that news in 2012 given the comlpaint was made in 2008 and the findings released in the 08/09 silly season?

Like so much tripe, herald journalists churn out, these pieces of 'fluff' only have one purpose and it certainly isn't to inform - most kiwis are aware that Wellington is full of uptight anally regressive old men, who feel so threatened by women in power they make tedentious complaints about any thing their pea brained heads can think up.
No the Herald foreign owners get their hacks to schurn out this garbage because they want to repeat the same lie over and over again; that is anything less than the law of the jungle capitalism they support is facile, mendacious claptrap spruiked by deceivers.

TThis lie is repeated over and over again to corral the sheeple cohort of the electyorate into voting for the right wing parties that clients of the Herald's gangster owners have paid off on a promise to advance their 'business interests'.

The scam has been going on in one form or another for a century and Clark is particularly loathed because her final political act was an amendment of the electoral laws that made it impossible for media owners to interfere in the democratic process that way.
Those with memories know the first thing konkey did when he got into power was to over turn that legislation.
The herald's russian owner, Fairfax (stuff, the dominion etc) and Murdoch(Sky, the surburban freebies)were apoplectic until jonkey abolished the act.
Bennie, yer girl copped a serve for her rol in enabling the corruption of NZ's political process: I trust yo

At 8/8/12 11:20 pm, Blogger Beef-Hooked said...

Hi Marty,

The air brushing is in a sense trivial- but symbolic of the govt methodology to resolve the third component of the complaint involving Denis Callesen, and Helen's subsequent"airbrushing" of historical events involving my submissions to the Committee of Inquiry into Industrial Democracy.
The full complaint before the UN is here-

I refer to the issues put to parliament in question 10848

Helen Clark had the opportunity to comment many years ago on the theft of evidence referred to in PQ 10848, the Union response to it and my discovery of errors in the Labour Relations Act, were all before her as chair of the Committee of Inquiry into Industrial Democracy.

None of the above, nor the case which I took and won in the Court of Appeal against the Northern Clerical Workers Union, because of the lack of democracy and a drafting error in the law were mentioned in their report, even though written and oral submissions had been put to the committee.( both the report & the decision of the Court don't seem to be available online)

Obviously it was in the interests of the Labour party not to record the facts relating to the activities of prominent unionists who had tried to take advantage of a mistake in the law to avoid their obligations to allow democracy within their Union.This involved Tau Henare, Willie & Syd Jackson-, who avoided a complaint from me to the union about his association with Muamar Gaddafi, by canceling my membership of the NCU.

Its the resolution of the issues involving PQ 10848 that concern me, and I trust you will appreciate that even though the Solictor-General stayed several prosecutions against Mr Callesen, it does not remove my options of making this information available for public consumption and asking the United Nations to consider the matter.


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