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Monday, August 27, 2012

legitimate rape and illegitimate biology - do we want Christian 'science'?

Republican nominee for the Missouri US Senate Seat, Todd Akin, caused a furore last week after he bewilderingly claimed during a TV interview that women had a 'natural' means to prevent the body from becoming pregnant from 'legitimate rape'.

Akin's ability to crash biology head-on into qualifying rape at the Christian science intersection is so miraculous that it proves if God exists, then he certainly has a sense of humour.

Dr Fred Mecklenburg's 1972 article, "The Indications for Induced Abortion: A Physician's Perspective," from where a fanatical pro-life Aiken gained his biological insight was written in 1972. It was one of 19 articles published in a book "Abortion and Social Justice," funded by one of America's largest anti-abortion players, Americans United for Life.

Christian quasi science, built to prove scripture, flourishes in the charter school model of America. Intelligent design, creationism and a women's natural defense to rape pregnancies all mix quackery with a hint of truth to justify biblical nonsense in a modern world attempting to move on from religious bigotry.

Like climate denial science that is funded by corporations that make the most amount of pollution, this Christian science should be viewed as self serving and worthless.

What a person chooses to believe is their freedom, but a nation wide curriculum paid for by taxpayers needs to produce graduates who can work in a scientific world, it should not produce students who think the earth is thousands of years old, or that rape can be prevented by a women naturally, or that complexity of evolution proves a God.

Allowing Christian charter schools to make up their own science classes while the Associate Education Minister pushing through the policy admits a literal interpretation of the Bible are all signs of the Four Horsemen of the Stupidopolis.

For someone who isn't a Christian, I can't wait for the rapture.