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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Just another alcohol related death

I don't know if it is because this guy is white (probably?, going by the name), and that his victim was not (again going by the name), or that this guy was a pensioner (aged 66) and could argue he wasn't right in the head (because of an old brain injury) or that they were both pissed (having been drinking all day since morning), or that he deserves a reduction for pleading guilty, or that the lawyer saying he had cancer was also playing a violin at the time; but holy fuck: three and a bit years for killing someone!? Killing someone like this:

According to the police summary of facts, Kingi and Harwood had been drinking since 8.30am. Ten hours later they were both drunk when Kingi passed out on the floor and wet himself.The police say it was then that Harwood became "enraged". He swore at Kingi and punched him on the ground.
Kingi was taken outside on to the balcony, 3.9m above the ground.
Police said Harwood forced Kingi over the rail but he clung on.
"As Kingi tried to swing one leg up to the balcony, in an attempt to pull himself back up the defendant prised at Kingi's fingers, forcibly causing him to release his grip from the handrail," the police summary of facts said.
Kingi fell headfirst on to the concrete below.
A neighbour who witnessed the fall called an ambulance while Harwood went back inside the apartment.
Kingi suffered a fractured skull and brain injuries. He died the next day in Auckland Hospital.

Three years and seven months. That means with parole kicking in at a third the old drunk killer can be back into enraged drunken killing mode at the house 'o death before Christmas next year. That is sweet fuck all for what everyone else would plainly understand to be in the circumstances a MURDER.

Next time you're drunk and get upset with someone, just punch them in the head while they are on the ground and then hurl them off your balcony. They die. You lose a Christmas in pokie. No biggie.

And when we add alcohol to that other jealously protected right of the NZer, the car, into the mix the ever-sympathetic judiciary will automatically discount whatever happened... including death:

A drunk and disqualified driver who hit and killed a teenager on the night of the Rugby World Cup final has been sent to prison.
Sivo Kerr earlier pleaded guilty to driving with excess breath alcohol causing death and driving while disqualified.
In Auckland District Court today Judge Grant Fraser sentenced Kerr to three years and one month in prison.
He also disqualified Kerr, a mechanical engineer, from driving for five years and ordered him to pay $1500 in emotional reparations to the victim's family when he gets out of jail.
"Sadly with such a large loss of such a young person, no sentence of any court can put that right,'' Judge Fraser said.
The court was told Kerr was a disqualified driver who had previous convictions for drink driving. He was driving at more than 70km/h in a 50km zone when he hit teenager Sanele Pauli in Auckland last October.
Like disqualifying someone again who was disqualified when they killed someone is going to make any difference! He'll be out next year too. Su-weeet. He might be released the same time as Harwood - he can give him a lift to the bottle shop.


At 8/8/12 11:24 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Chilling and brilliant Tim Selwyn . I've journeyed to the bottom of many a bottle and I can say with no small amount of certainty that ethyl alcohol is the meanest , nastiest and most insidious drug there is , or that I've ever taken certainly . We drinkers all know of it's legendary after-effects do we not ? Vomiting until you pray for death . Waking up with some pretty girl to realize you pissed in her bed . ( I'll invoke the ' Yeah right ' response here and say that ,that's never happened to me ...yet . )

Then there's the ' while under the influence ' tag . 'Under the influence' is the get out of jail card and it's that definition that needs closer scrutiny in my view .

And how about ;
Who supplies us with it ? Who profits from it ? Who says it's the only and best social lubricant ? Who aggressively markets it , glorifies it , adores it and and why is our increasing addictions to it not getting spotlighted and debated without the hysterical , loony ban-everything brigade debasing all common sense points of view of it and other , better drugs .

Here's a couple of the reasons why I think that is ;
Booze is massive money . Ask SIR Ronald Brierley , corporate raider , destroyer of lives , demolisher of iconic architecture for a dollar ( Edmonds Sure to Rise factory in Christchurch amongst many others ) and old cunt of choice or the highly respected SIR ! Yes , that's right folks , SIR Douglas Meyers . Filthy rich white man , steely eyed psychopath and peddler of poisons to children . The fucking pair of them . They own the big ethyl alcohol factories and they own many a politician . Prove me wrong !

They have vast resources to secure any mind-fuck , media hype that will mean they can keep peddling their drug to a society in anxious , free fall .

My mother in law and I were attacked by a drunk young guy last New Years eve . He was a big , strong kid and if he'd come up against someone less able to defend themselves , they may have been beaten , humiliated and very likely hospitalized by a drug crazed , emotionally stunted , ethyl alcohol addict .
Who's suffered an unprovoked attacked by a stoned hippy ? Who's been attacked by a clubber on E ? LSD ? Who's been beaten by an hallucinating , hallucinator ?
His drug of 'no other choice what so ever 'may have been supplied to him by two rich old cretins whom have bought their way into our courts , our politicians and our supermarkets . They and their ilk have sold us a feverish notion of neo - liberal , individualism thus saving them of any responsibility for the shit they peddle . They claim that we have the right , often God Given , to destroy our lives if we so choose and ignore accusations of advertising media brain washing to get us to buy their shit . Filthy dangerous E ! Pot head hippy losers ! P crazed junkies ! Down the pub for a beer , a fight and a pie ? Aw Mate ! Sweet ! Then we can watch the footy !

At 8/8/12 1:11 pm, Blogger Neil said...

In Timothy Learys 8 Circuit model of consciousness the 'legal' drugs - alcohol, caffeine and opiates - are associated with and activate the lower levels of the Self.

This has the effect of keeping the masses isolated from each other in their lower ego-centric self and much easier to manipulate.

The 'illegal' and arguably less harmful drugs - LSD, MDMA, DMT, Marijuana - are associated with the higher Self and help to activate the higher levels of consciousness.

People that are conscious and aware of their own cosmic and divine nature are a lot harder to manipulate and control.

Much research has been done into mind control and manipulation of the public mind mid over the last century.

Excuse me while I go and restock my tinfoil supplies.


At 8/8/12 5:07 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Niel . Excellent post .


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