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Friday, August 03, 2012

John Tamihere to resurrect the Labour Bloke

While Labour quietly glide to the right and Shearer continues to make all the media impact of an invisible ninja in camouflage, no refounding of the political base to center right would be complete without the resurrection of the Labour Bloke.

To this task Labour are preparing to anoint John Tamihere as their blue collar bigotry bait...

Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman, period

...it's an open secret that Labour and John are courting again ever since his spectacular 'front bums' reference to women fall from grace.

I've never been certain what was actually more stupid, John's astoundingly sexist trash talk or the fact that he made the comments to a well known far right conspiracy journalist with a tape recorder on the table.

His claim afterwards that he didn't know he was 'on the record' suggests a moment of political naivety that to this day leaves one shaking ones head.

To this man the Labour party will turn to secure the Labour Bloke vote, it's a pity someone as talented as Tamihere will want to play to blokes worst angels rather than their better ones. Why isn't Tamihere speaking out for Dad's trying to gain custody of their children and how the Family Court changes penalize those Dads? Why isn't Tamihere demanding better maternity leave issues so that the Nations Fathers aren't the only ones left doing all the financial lifting in the first 6months of their kids lives? Why isn't Tamihere demanding more money for mental health to help with the depression so many Men are struck down by, or the lack of male health promotion budgets.

Why does it always have to be the dog whistle of ignorance?



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