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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

John Key's tourism fail

The PM - also the Tourism Minister - has tweeted on the new "100% Middle Earth" video.
Frankly the whole Hobbit thing is insular and self-congratulatory triviality - which suits the New Zealand mindset.  It's dragged on longer than the 'Lord of the Rings' ending and I'm well over it.

The economic benefits from the filming have been out-weighed by the Tory's sale of our labour laws to the Hollywood moguls.  The thought of sitting through another three hours of midgets with giant hairy feet is absurd: that won't be happening. If the film flops I would not be surprised; but the Tourism Department has been banking everything on John Key's mate's silly children's movie.  Ho Hum. I'm not going to watch the promo video either.

What interested me was the underlying issues concerning the newzealand.com website.
Firstly, why is it built by an American company and not a NZ one? Hilarious considering all the boasting on the trade and enterprise section about how NZ is bathing in tech and IT gurus:
New Zealand offers a productive and freethinking environment for ICT with clear strengths in software development, design and support services.

We are known the world over for our creative talents with many high-profile projects being completed using New Zealand's creativity, including James Cameron's Avatar.
We offer a sufficient and sustainable competitive advantage to companies seeking to use New Zealand as a base for their ICT operations. Lower market rates and fewer employer add-ons ensure New Zealand's workforce holds a cost advantage over other developed countries, with savings of 50 percent compared to Japan, up to 30 percent over other Western locations such as the United States and United Kingdom, and up to 40 percent over Australia.

What a load of shit eh. We underpay our people and even then the Tourism Department goes and gives their own website contract to the fucking Yanks. Hypocritical no?

Secondly, why are the meta words (whereby search engines can find the website) all 'New Zealand'? The word Aotearoa appears nowhere in those key words and nowhere I can find on any page (I've tried all the Maori related pages and still can't find it). They are using and promoting an idiotic brand name that simply won't exist. What a colonial die-hard cunt of a place this New Zealand must be. 


At 18/9/12 11:21 am, Blogger Nick Taylor said...

LOL - I'm not sure that "insular and self-congratulatory triviality" reflects the New Zealand mindset so much as the New Zealand TV mindset.

Which it does absolutely.

It won't flop - there's a fairly cast-iron rule with block-buster movies, and that is: "The more expensive they are, the more they make". It might get savaged by the critics (which I'd say is about 30% likely), but it flopping? About 1% likely.

The self-congratulation thing is getting on my tits a bit though, granted. It's just a movie FFS, based on something very very very British. It's about as Kiwi as an oak tree, that's been torn out of the ground, and transplanted (in a spot of natural, native beauty), then held up as an icon of Kiwi culture.

At 9/11/12 12:18 am, Blogger Nexus said...

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