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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

John Key hates poor people

Key dismisses proposal as 'dopey'
Prime Minister John Key has dismissed as "dopey" a recommendation from a panel of experts that a universal child payment should be reintroduced as a way of reducing child poverty.

And the first words out of Key's mouth in response to a hard hitting report on child poverty?


He has a way with words doesn't he?

We shouldn't be surprised that our vacant aspiration multi-millionaire leader who lives in a bubble world of wealth has zero empathy with the poor. For all of John's "I grew up in a state house' shtick, the welfare Key enjoyed was gold plated, where as today it's shit encrusted.

Let us not forget as conveniently as the mainstream media has what John has said about the poor while he's been the Prime Minister.

Remember when John said that the poor required food parcels, not because of the economic policy he implemented, but because it was their own fault...

Food parcel families made poor choices, says Key
Prime Minister John Key says beneficiaries who resort to food banks do so out of their own "poor choices" rather than because they cannot afford food.

...then there was what John Key told Church leaders in December of 2010...

“If we cancelled welfare to 330,000 people currently on welfare, how many would starve to death? Bugger all.”

...Key hates poor people. He blames them for the poverty they live in and he doesn't think any would die if he cut off their benefit. His $50-$200million wealth insulates him from poverty and a genuine understanding of the pain those on the bottom of the social heap have to endure.

The true tragedy for NZ's poor is that Key's vacant aspiration and empty optimism routine cons so many of them into voting for National when National's policy is counter productive to their interests. The two bob tory phenomena is made more bitter when you consider how our inequality has soared to it's highest level under Key.

Meanwhile 270 000 NZ children suffer in poverty.



At 29/8/12 12:38 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Key has a way with words? Shame he can't utter most of them in any way that's recognisable. Lazy speech, lazy politushin, lazy attitude, lazy moral outlook. A way with words? Much like a used car salesman has trying to sell a lemon.

At 29/8/12 1:11 pm, Blogger Tim said...

......oh hey, and as I'm trawling this "interweb" ... there's yet another STUFF type headline that "informs" us that 50% or whatever of Kiwis don't have a will.

Fcuk me - why would they bother under this regime? It's not as though they going to leave anything of value after their demise. Very sensible in many ways - why would they want to leave a legacy of debt to their offspring or dearly loved. Hard as they might try - the odds are stacked against them.
If I could find a way of UN-willing I would - I've already disposed of the house

At 12/3/14 3:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This whole article is ridiculous.. Hates poor people really? Where are in the middle of a recession, people should be more concerned with growing our economy and getting out of debt. If you think labour would do a better job, you're delusional. They'd up our debt in a matter of days! Its a recession, unemployment and poverty will rise! But wont stay that way forever. John key has done a good job at keeping this nation strong.


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