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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How bat shit crazy are John Ansell & Louis Crimp?

If the University Student magazine Critic can be believed (and the story is so out there, it may well be a brilliant and clever piece of parody), but if the University Student magazine Critic is to be believed, then John Ansell, the 'brains' behind ACTs electoral pitch at racists...

...is plotting a vast PR campaign (funded by NZ's own Grand Cyclops Louis Crimp), aimed at demonizing Maori even further.

Critic has obtained documents from controversial race campaigner Louis Crimp, setting out a plan for a $2million campaign aiming to make New Zealand a “colourblind” (racially neutral) state. The campaign will be split into two distinct “brands”, known as “Treatygate” and “Colourblind State”.

‘Treatygate” is the “attack brand”, and will involve a series of brief, hard-hitting advertisements designed to incite “anger” in “hothead” voters. Treatygate aims to “expose the 40 year state brainwashing campaign that has distorted the history of Crown-Maori relations”.

This can't be for real? What generation are these guys from? Why do white rich men get so terrified by Maori? Why are they just so racist?

A campaign showing how all those Maaaaari's get too much? Really, they get too much do they? Let's have a look at what they get again...

...oh that's right, they get all the shit statistics don't they.

Beige people and their weird beige thoughts.



At 14/8/12 2:43 pm, Blogger Jasper said...

Thank f*#k for the electoral commissions findings. Act will be gone, Dunne too because if they can't win there seats 1.5% won't cut it! Haha! - Surely Epsomites aren't that stupid? Corrupt maybe but not stupid! Haha!

At 15/8/12 11:14 am, Blogger Kiwi said...

Wouldn't Believe a Word Act or the Mana Party Say They both love their propaganda crap, both as bad as each other on opposite ends of the spectrum


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