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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Government to ban Doctors and Nurses from treating patched gang members

The hard right tough on crime fantasy rhetoric of the National Party plumbs new lows with Todd McClay's racist gang patch ban law about to be skipped into law. Under it patched gang members will be banned from hospitals and Todd's expectations of nurses and doctors is that they call the Police rather than treat and admit an injured patched gang member.

This is junk law aimed at looking tough on crime for zero benefit, targeting a group in society it is easy to hate.

Are we really going to become that society which bans public services to people wearing symbols? Is that the social policy any Government really wants to align themselves to?

This dog whistle hate mongering follows more tough on crime window dressing that went in front of Parliament earlier this month. The Sentencing (Aggravating Factors) Amendment Bill meant Judges could make assaulting a Police Officer or Prison Guard an aggravating factor at sentencing, the Government claims this is needed because assaults had increased over the last 5 years, which wasn't true. In 2009 there were 2550 recorded assaults against Police Officer, by 2011 that dropped to 2014 recorded assaults.

Government won't serve patched gang members or measure child poverty - when did 'I cant see you so you don't exist' become a social policy?



At 22/8/12 5:44 pm, Blogger Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

That is fascism. Doctors and nurses are bound to treat ANYBODY who needs their help/

At 22/8/12 6:04 pm, Blogger Violet said...

I thought doctors and nurses have rights are they moaning or the government moaning.

At 22/8/12 7:03 pm, Blogger Big Bruv said...

You think this is a bad thing Bomber?

I hope that the government does indeed go through with this, anything that attacks gangs must be applauded.

At 22/8/12 7:20 pm, Blogger Ricky said...

Racist McClay rightly says that several marae do not allow patches, but that's hardly the logic to impose a national law. A marae is a community home. It would be like me saying, "there are no raised voices in my home". That might be fine for the culture of my house but it certainly would be ridiculous to impose that on a national level.

At 22/8/12 8:22 pm, Blogger Ricky said...

McClay rightly points out that several marae disallow patches but that's hardly a reason to impose this law. Marae are communities homes; it would be like me saying that, "I don't allow loud voices in my home". That might be fine for my home, but on a national level it's simply ridiculous. To say nothing of the human rights around discrimination and access to health. What a goof.

At 23/8/12 1:38 am, Blogger Lisa said...

WTF? Since when have gangs been intimidating at hospitals and schools? I would be pleased if gang kids turned up to school. And as a nurse, I would certainly not turn people away who need treatment. As health professionals we have a duty to care for all those in need.....even if they have actually been convicted of a serious crime and are hated by the rest of society. Basic Human Rights for goodness sake!!

At 23/8/12 1:03 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Big Bruv . Go for a long jog and get some oxygen to your brain then think about what you just said . Your style of thinking , or the frightening lack of it , is more at home at Kiwiblog .

At 16/2/14 8:32 pm, Anonymous David said...

I HAVE seen gang members cause trouble in hospitals. Both at once trying to intimidate hospital staff, and patients. So get off your high horses and stop trying hide your filth in our marae's. Marae's are there for whanau, NOT a safe haven for paedophiles and thugs. I make no apologies in saying that if I were king for a day, I'd have all gang members sent to concetration ( and I'm talking old school nazi style ones at that!!!!) camps for crimes against women and children. The reparation would be the sentence of being stripped of all assets and even their citizenship. It's as simple and as crude as that. I also believe you high-horse ultra-pc fascists are just as culpable both in terms of protecting this filth and being plain old simple collaborators.


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