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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dear Air NZ - why does your new in flight safety advert suck so bad?

I flew down to Christchurch yesterday to give a lecture on public broadcasting to the The New Zealand Broadcasting School. The students were brilliant and engaged and showed true passion for their future craft, but on the flight down and back, Air NZ showed a 'new' in flight safety message (I say new because I haven't seen it before) that was so cringe worthy and appalling that I secretly hoped the flight would crash, which I'm almost certain can't be the intent of the message.

I liked the old flight safety message with dear old blah blah and even enjoyed Paul Henry popping up in it, this 'new' one is a cartoon with the voices of two American actors I couldn't care less about. The Grandad from Modern Families and the weird stalker girl who lives next to Charlie in two and a half men are barely relevant to me when I'm flying domestically so why on earth would Air NZ think I cared if they lived or died in any fiery crash involving our air fleet?

Why the hell these two we're selected out of the plethora of unemployed NZ actors desperately trying to earn a crust after outrageous fortune ended seems bizarre, I'd have more time for a safety advert voiced by that awful Oliver Driver than tediously weak jokes zinged between old man Bundy and stalker chick.

The first time I saw it I wasn't listening so thought the image of the person smoking was a grossly offensive oriental charactature of an Asian gentlemen, on the flight back while listening it turned out to be an artists impression of Snoop Dogg.

If I ever do find myself on an Air NZ flight about to crash - having the brainless cringe worthy 'banter' between two bored American actors voicing an advert for an airline they've probably never heard of won't help me find the emergency exit.

This Air NZ in flight safety advert is better suited as the last thing people voluntarily euthanizing themselves should watch to make the decision to exit life a little easier.



At 21/8/12 2:21 pm, Blogger MPledger said...

Hey, that stalker girl is my kiwi cuz - Melanie Lynskey, born and bred in Taranaki.

At 21/8/12 2:23 pm, Blogger MPledger said...

The stalker girl is my kiwi cuz - Melanie Lynskey, born and bred in the Taranaki.

At 21/8/12 2:28 pm, Blogger Socio-humanistic-student said...

I love your blogs Bomber... Would love to see the video (with a support crew of counsellors around of course!)...

At 21/8/12 2:54 pm, Blogger Ben Plummer said...

Melanie Lynskey is actually a New Zealander, although it has been rather a long time since she lived here so I suspect your point remains valid. I agree that it's rather dull.


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