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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Zombie Banks side steps Dotcom donation scandal

Banks' donations: No charges laid
Act MP John Banks has been cleared of any charges relating to donations to his 2010 mayoral campaign which he declared as anonymous, despite police finding he personally solicited them and in one case physically received the cheque.

The ultimate old boy of the old boys network has managed to side step breaches of donation law with the bonus technicality that it was all outside the 6 month timeframe.

The reality is that Zombie Banks is simply too well connected to get tripped up by something as peripheral as donation laws. How he has managed to keep his name out of Police surveillance footage rumors is in itself an indication that if you want to kill the political undead, one requires a cross, a stake and holy water.



At 26/7/12 8:30 pm, Blogger JonL said...

If you provide the stake, I know a few ex Vietnam vets who would do the driving, after they stop taking their meds.....

At 27/7/12 5:27 am, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

John Banks..."I touched the cheque,I sniffed the heady aroma of the cheque (though I did not inhale) and most importantly good people of Epsom, I left the daily banking of my fruitful gathering up to some blithering volunteer.I would say this is the most perfect amoral obfuscation I have ever personally manufactured to date,good people."


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