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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Why people hate John Key

Paul Thomas, John Armstrong & John Roughan are 3 NZ Herald columnists who in the weekend all agreed how wonderful our Optimist Prime is. What the baby boomer beige brigade and much of the right miss is why people hate John Key. People hate John Key because he uses his position as Prime Minister to rule for his benefit and the benefit of other rich white males like Thomas, Armstrong and Roughan. He is a crooked king who uses empty aspiration (read the pathetic interview with Guyon Espiner in the National Party cheerleading Listener for evidence of this) to con the remaining sleepy hobbits that the millionaire money trader has the answers to prosperity.

He doesn't.

Key, worth well over the $50 million he is claimed to be worth (interesting to note that just before Key entered politics, a polling team asked NZers how much money a PM could have before they became untrustworthy - $50 million was the lowest amount), is the slick salesman from The Simpsons 'Monorail' episode. Selling us a false free market dogma that does nothing other than enrich him and people like him.

Take a look at the image above, Key as trader then making a mint off our assets, and Key now, again making a mint off our assets.

The Prime Minister is supposed to rule for all NZers, Key doesn't, he rules for himself and his kind. He gave his ilk almost $3 billion in borrowed tax cuts meaning they are the only ones rich enough to buy our assets he is now flogging off; Steven Joyce tried to hide the fact that the majority of the 100 000 new jobs National have promised will go to highly skilled males; and Key's hypocrisy over larger class room sizes for us but not for his kids all reek of the double standards of someone who passes off vested interest as a public good.

We pretend to have an egalitarian country and that bringing up class is almost 'un-NZ', but Key's use of cheap tricks to keep those wealthy Shire volk richer while endlessly dangling empty optimism for the rest creates a contempt difficult to conceal.

That's why people hate John Key.

He is using his office and power for him and his. He is the utter antithesis of democracy. NZ will be a far more unequal and worse place to live after his reign than when he began, and the history books will be far less glowing of his dog whistle cruelty as social policy than the NZ Herald editorial team.



At 3/7/12 1:24 pm, Blogger Frank said...

"He is using his office and power for him and his. He is the utter antithesis of democracy. NZ will be a far more unequal and worse place to live after his reign than when he began, and the history books will be far less glowing of his dog whistle cruelty as social policy than the NZ Herald editorial team. "

Indeed, Bomber. As as that inequality increases, more and more New Zealanders will lose any connection they have with our society, and hoof it over the ditch to Aussieland.

I believe this is why NZers are fleeing this country; it's not just the attraction of higher wages, it's that there is less and less to keep them here.

As for asset sales, this is something I spotted; http://fmacskasy.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/conflicts-of-interest/

So now we get a glimpse into who will benefit from the theft of our state assets.

At 3/7/12 2:05 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber ! Woooo Hoooo ! That was brilliant ! That's exactly why I loath jonky-stien ! He's a liar ! A self serving liar at that . He's a traitor and a mincing sneak and if I'd been the Queen , I'd a spat in his face when he proclaimed himself as a monarchist recently . @ Frank . People are going to Australia because they've had their hope sucked out of them by the vacuous , private , greedy aspirations of creeps like jonky telling us constantly that we're no good so bugger off . He'd be a dreadful little man if he'd been a parking warden much less our Prime Minister ! Head hunted by jenny ( Dob in your neighbour ! Sound familiar ? ) shipley and endorsed by that flaccid , freakish money fiddler , big donny brash . Keep up the pressure . The tide is turning . Royal Commission of Inquiry NOW ! Before it's too late .

At 3/7/12 2:18 pm, Blogger Smith said...

The quote in the image above is taken out of context and thus misleading. The "comfortable enough" reply is from a documentary available here: http://www.nzonscreen.com/title/close-up-big-dealers-john-key-1987

His reply referred to the interviewer asking him how much he made as a forex trader, completely unrelated to the asset sale process.

Not sure whether it's Te Papa's fault for shoddy editing, or that whoever wrote it was too eager to join the dots, but it's another example of how fact-checking pays dividends.

At 3/7/12 3:04 pm, Blogger Tanya Stebbing said...

and he loves to ham it up in front of the Queen. Key, so full of his own bloated self-importance, yick.

At 3/7/12 3:06 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Smith . You mean this one ; ' This episode of current affairs show Close Up offers a fascinating portrait of 80s job du jour: foreign exchange dealer. The intrepid reporter heads into "the pit" (trading room) and chronicles the working life of a senior 'forex' dealer, 25-year-old squash-playing accountancy graduate, John Key. The "smiling assassin" (and future Prime Minister) is a now-familiar calm and earnest presence amongst the young cowboys playing for fortunes and Porsches in the heady pre-sharemarket crash world: "they're like addicts who eat, breathe and sleep foreign exchange dealing".'

Does that mean we should drug test Key then ? Is there a test for Money Addiction ?

I can't wait to watch it . Sounds fascinating doesn't it ? All that money . All that power . Key needs to have a smoke and chill out to Huey Lewis and The News .

At 3/7/12 3:21 pm, Blogger Tanya Stebbing said...

But the point is, that Key is prepared to sell-off state assetts when he knows that the majority of Kiwis are against it. Also, money traders don't get to be filthy rich by their niceness or caring, more like, with their utter ruthlessness and self-serving mentality. History repeating, all right.

At 3/7/12 4:13 pm, Blogger CosmicRocketCultivator said...

Hate or intense dislike. Take your pick. The love affair some New Zealanders have with this prophet of doom has to end. Blatent obfuscation holds the blinded few who believe this human has the ability to help us all out. I can not understand the blind trust that Johnny Glitter sparkles around like a magic fairy wand. What other poison chalice of pain will this creature bestow on the apathetic masses?

At 3/7/12 6:24 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Oh . And one more little thing . Was that Close Up doco and piece of accountant porn ( Thank you @ Smith and you are right about fact - checking but who would've known ? It was in print , in a news paper ) the only time jonky said the words " comfortable enough " in an interview with the wondrous and clever little thing ? Because when the interviewer asked how much he made he replied with a blinding grin " Aww , it'd be imprudent for me to say " TWICE ! Did he say " comfortable enough " more than once in some other , similar interview in fact actually relating to our asset sell-off at the time ? I know , it's scraping at the bottom of the shredder bin but still . And he does like to poke his dull-eyed visage into any lens going . How about that documentary ? How about that office ! ? Where's the soul ? Where's the aesthetic ? Fuck ! If that wasn't a glaring example of the inner workings of the psychopathic mind set as reflected in it's surroundings I don't know what is .

At 3/7/12 9:41 pm, Blogger DebsisDead said...

The bit ordinary kiwis need to understand is that it is impossible to have a couple of mill invested in the NZ stockmarket and not be caught in daily conflicts of interest if yer a pollie.

As for $50 mill only a mug could toss $50 mill into NZ's stock market spend 3 years as PM and not have doubled yer money in that time.

As for Key's blind trust you know the one where he always seems to know what he has shares in - despite it being 'blind' this is a farce that jonkey gets away with because kiwis' love affair with property asset speculation has left them ignorant of how small and incestuous the NZSX is.

There are precious few listings large enough that a quinty millionaire can tip money into in a manner that will give the investor a sufficiently diverse risk to feel his investments are safe.

Which corporations are those? Well I can think of three that the trustee of jonkey family funds will undoubtedly be arse deep into. Simply because they are three of the biggest and allegedly most secure. They are:
1) Telecom whose share price rose from $1.40 to over $3.00 in the 12 months following jonkey's announcement that telecom was gonna get over 80% of NZ ultra fast broandband rollout, guaranteed 5+ years of no regulation and $1 billion of our tax money.

2) Fletcher Building whose slump was abated by the news jonkey had decided Fletcher's would be the primary contractor on the Christchurch rebuild.

3)SkyCity a stock listing that has been doing rather well since jonkey promised it a big rise in pokie machines. This will have a much bigger effect on SkyCity's share of the Auckland gambling market as the increase in machines has been given at the same time as the City Council's 'sinking lid' policy. That's reducing the overall number of machines in the Auckland metropolis.

How can anyone consider this information and not conclude that John Key is the crookedest and most corrupt politician NZ has had to suffer in the last 50 years.

Before John Key there was really only a coupla pre-Robbie Auckland mayors whose friendships with brewing magnates and restaurant owners (a certain hungry restauranteur reputedly had a missus who would engage in 'watersports' with one of these mayors - liquor licenses for hubby's bohemian snack shacks would follow) considered to be fundamentally crooked.

Keith Holyoake ran a highway bypass through some land he had acquired n picked up a few hundred thou of our dosh in the process. At the behest of the Auckland Club's snooty if incompetent Capitalists, the pig picked up the phone and told the ANZ to sever JBL's line of credit, in the process sending thousands of mum and dad investors (jonkey's term not mine) down the gurgler, and there were privatisation troughs festooned with Labour then Nat snouts in the 80's and 90's, but the jonkey shenanigans make even those egregious burns on ordinary kiwis seem minor in comparison.

"Who cares?" they cry - Or "Didya see my new facebook page and that game of thrones is great isn't it." even "Mr Key has such a nice smile"
Still history teaches that one day soon kiwis will wake up to the snakes in their paddock and when they do things will get bloody, fast.

At 3/7/12 10:41 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

John Key almost perfectly meets the definition of a Crony Capitalist.
And you have to admit it is a pretty clever ploy to sic the working poor on the beneficiaries, when they should be uniting against their common enemy (this National Govt). Divide and conquer. John Key is an evil genius. Respect where respect is due.

At 4/7/12 1:40 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ DebsisDead and @ Nitrium . Superb ! Well written in my genuinely humble opinion . See how [it's] starting to unravel ? One dirty thread at a time . At the time ...many ,many years ago at the dawn of corruption here , corruption played by the same set of rules as it does today . Blindside people . Dis-empower them . Rip them off . Enjoy the spoils . Any halfwit . Any greedy fool can pull that off as is evident . All you need is connections and some raw talent , as a flea has for biting . The truly great politician fights that disease , that sickness on behalf of the good people . Money is a relatively worthless , transient thing that's only use is in it's transient nature . If it stops . If money stands still , it starts to stink . Saving for retirement . Saving for poor health ,. Saving to pay insurances are all lies told by corrupt psychopaths who want your money for themselves . Don't believe the bullshit commercials ! We have a democracy , a complex set of rules and we employ good minds to make sure we Kiwis will be ok in our old age and failing health . There's plenty of money for education , health and general infrastructures . Don't fall into that trap ! Those good ol boys , hooves in troughs , dirty soulless good ol boys with their deviant ways and stinking money never saw technology coming though . How could they ? For most people , and ' most people ' are good , have no idea what went on here . They're completely unaware of the greed and deviancy that New Zealand politics was built upon and indeed still exists to this day . But thanks to the wondrous Internet and to be able to freely say what you like and only fear being mistaken which is no error that can't be fixed by an apology and a retraction . It's my view that , that is true freedom or speech which must be making our crooked pseudo-gentry shit bricks . I know jonky's BMW has heated , massaging seats but does it have a hole into which shat bricks might fall ?
Here comes the Truth ! Royal Commission of Inquiry please ? See , I was polite !

At 13/8/13 10:34 am, Blogger Maverick Kansas said...

The majority of kiwi's may be against the selling of state assets and all sorts of other things but it doesn't mean they are bad decisions. Selling them ironically will masively benefit all the people that dissagree with it. Most New Zealanders are grossly ill informed or ignorant about economics/politics even if they studded it. Why? BECAUSE for the most part they studied it here! I studded both overseas and can tell you that John Key is doing a great job for poor and middle income nz'ers but your all to ignorant to realise it! Heres something to consider-is John Key better off personally in his job as pm? Only a fucktard would think that.

At 18/8/13 1:25 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Maverick Kansas . Go fuck yourself fool . Why not use that studdee you gloat about to figure out how to use your spell-checker before your post dumb shit like that . I'm inclined to think that any observation you might have re NZ politics would be like having ones ear drums stuffed with popcorn soaked in bull shit . ' John Key is doing a great job for poor and middle income nz'ers . ' Only a fucktard would think that . Please , please DO NOT breed with Aaron Gilmore .


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