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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Well Done Sue Moroney

Paid parental leave is the sort of right citizens should demand in a progressive society, and with our inequality rates growing one would think surely the Government would be seeking active measures to rebalance those inequalities, not grow them.

Aren't NZ women sick of being 2nd class citizens in their own country?

How on earth are women supposed to be autonomous fully fledged citizens if their career aspirations are consistently blocked by the need to take time out and have children? Paid parental leave recognizes that and obligates the Government to help make that transition as financially painless as possible.

Having bosses climb on board and discriminately say they wouldn't hire women of child bearing age if paid parental leave was increased is about as helpful to the debate as burning Koran's are for Middle East peace initiatives.

Where the hell do they get off attempting to justify sexist discrimination in the 21st Century? Nice to know Alasdair Thompson's view of gender roles is still alive and demanding Women move to the edge of the village during that time of the month.

My scratch and sniff test to these issues is always 'as a male, would I put with this crap'? I wouldn't, and I don't see why the sisters have to either.

Well Done Sue Moroney.



At 27/7/12 8:15 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Scratch and Sniff ! Hahah ! That was a Devine movie idea .

Once and speaking politically correctly , my bipedal , female human , full contact , front bottom sex person and I rented a video tape that was a scratch and sniff movie starring ' Divine ' . Dog poo , old fish , sneakers etc . ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polyester_%28film%29 ) When a number flashed on the screen , you scratched the etc . Nothing stunk like this though . To give such gravitas to such an obvious conundrum is .... well Idiocratic . Why are we having this debate in this century at this time ? I can tell you why . It's because we're fucking stupid , that's why . Women like to work and have lives too . Women also have to bear the children , like it or not girls , sorry . Paid parental leave is as necessary as breathing ... Hello ? How have we become so dumb as to even debate this ... I don't mean you Bomber . I don't mean to be mean . I mean , what has happened that's seen us humans regress to ancient times of stuff . I mean ... Really . Jonky and his minions are demanding that we have to question the very rationale for our existence . That's how dangerous and deviant he/it/they is , as such , et al , per se .


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