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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Union Report with Lesley Harry from NZNO & Robert Reid First Union

Issue 1: Are the Governments 10 KPI's for the Public Service achievable or fanciful?

Issue 2: Secret briefing papers to Steven Joyce show the govt's 100,000 promised new jobs will largely go to highly-skilled professional males. Is this employment policy for everyone or just the few?

and Issue 3: Pay equity, when will it be taken seriously?

The Union Report screens 8pm Monday Triangle TV - the home of original public broadcasting

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At 4/7/12 12:04 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

The only conservative worth listening to, the peace activist and anti-imperialist former Treasury secretary from the Reagan administration Paul Craig Roberts has just weighed in on the Trans Pacific Partnership corporate takeover of national sovereignty.

An excerpt:

"Many will interpret the TPP as another big step toward the establishment of global government in the New World Order. However, what the TPP actually does is to remove corporations or the spillover effects of their activities from the reach of government. As the TPP does not transfer to corporations the power to govern countries, it is difficult to see how it leads to global government. The real result is global privilege of the corporate class as a class immune to government regulation."


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