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Monday, July 30, 2012

The inequality of John Key's Government

Why the above image isn't satire

Income gap between the races gets wider
New Zealand's persistent income gap between Maori and Pacific people and the European majority has widened sharply during the recession.

In NZ we seem to have confused the small country flatness of our social strata as egalitarianism. You get the sense in NZ from listening to talk hate radio that the word 'class' was a dirty word imported by winging poms sowing discontent between the proletariat and the landed gentry who owned them.

The sense of fair treatment by those with the most seems more suited to the types of justification for cruelty free animal husbandry; something they do because of better yields as opposed to the less fortunate having an unalienable right to equality.

What the glib baby boomer pundits of the corporate media refuse to accept is that those who are doing worse and worse under Key have a righteous grievance against him and his policies which do nothing more than enrich him and his class.

The billions in borrowed tax cuts subsidized by the rest of us through a GST increase handed out to the wealthiest NZers, is the same money that will be used to buy shares in assets.

5% are expected to buy shares and receive $80 million in a tax payer funded loyalty scheme while the money received for selling our assets will be reinvested into irrigation schemes for South Island dairy farmers.

So the poor pay for the tax cuts for the rich, which are then used to buy our assets while the proceeds go to the wealthy dairy industry???

John Key is Government for the rich, by the rich and forever in the interests of the rich.

Key's aspiration isn't just vacant, it's bankrupt.



At 30/7/12 10:56 am, Blogger Frank said...

Indeed, Bomber.

Far from being a "free market" government, they offer tax-payer funded subsidies to corporate interests left, right, and centre, and then have the cheek to demonise the unemployed, solo-mums (but never solo-dads), widows, etc, for living a "welfare lifestyle"?!

Fortunately, New Zealanders are slowly realising the bankrupt morality of this 'government'.


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