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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Q+A and The Nation review

The Nation

The worst show they have ever done. It's just an uncritical live broadcast of the National Party conference and their 'justice hot tub' highlight all that is wrong in NZ current affairs. A hard right law and order sadist Stephen Franks, the lynch mob sensible sentencing trust and an angry dad who had their child killed up against a prosecutor. No focus on the media 'if it bleeds it leads' style of crime coverage or the fact that homicides and violent crimes have dropped dramatically over the last 2 decades.

Dreadful waste of time this week.


Nice to see Q+A finally covering the generational discontent between boomers and Gen Xers that Tumeke has been discussing for years, hilarious though that the Panel are all baby boomers. I'm black listed by Tim Watkin from being on Q+A, but surely Q+A can get actual Gen Xer commentators on? Citizen A is full of Gen X commentators, can't they just steal the ideas from us and get some other voices who aren't boomers?

Fran gets there is an issue, I'm blogging on this tomorrow. Gen Xers have been screwed by that greedy bloated locust boomer generation and it's time to start forcing them out of the debate, as a generation they have warped any idealism they once had to sell out and steal every privilege they benefited from by the State back.

It's time Gen Xers take the power back.

Good piece on Len's public infrastructure challenges that Citizen A covered on Thursday night on Triangle TV. Q+A can take our topics that we cover better with far fewer resources so we don't mind if they take some of our commentators as well so that the debate can widen beyond boomer self interest.



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