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Sunday, July 01, 2012

Q+A and The Nation review

The Nation

Colin James on the Dotcom ruling. He points out that the police and the Judge who granted the warrant should all be embarrassed. The manner in which our weak Police rushed off to do the bidding of the Americans' is gutless, they should be ashamed of their actions. Rachel interestingly points out that the Free Trade Deal with it's ability to allow corporations to get away with these types of legal actions is more of an issue now after this ruling.

Brian Gaynor and squinty eyed Tim Bennett from the NZX are on discussing the asset share sales. They hardly sound resounding in their endorsement. Brian notes that the past privatization has been appalling and has led a bad taste in most investors minds and they have been weary of the share market.

One would have expected that the discussion would revolve around the injustice of only the richest NZers who have been handed nearly $3billion in borrowed tax cuts being able to afford these shares, but this is The Nation, and while it's good public broadcasting, it's still public broadcasting for the ruling classes.

Fascinating story on nano tech, The Nation do pre-produced news story's better than anyone else in the game, and this was another example.

Why Dotcom is popular seems a bit of a waste, it seems obvious as to why he has gained popularity. The manner in which he has been treated by our Government is appalling. Vaughan Davis is correct, we owe Dotcom an apology.

Brian Edwards and Bill Ralston on wit the media panel looking at the GC. The Executive Producer of this crap is on defending this abomination. I have no problem with TV3 doing this show, but how dare they spend $420 000 of NZ on Air taxpayer funding on this shite? This is a joke discussion because TV3 will not criticize a show they are airing in prime time. The GC was given funding as a documentary to explore the Tikanga of Maori culture, this was just Bread and Boobs pretending to be an examination of Maori culture. All the GC proved was that young Maori could be just as vacuous and self involved as young pakeha, well done NZ, equality achieved!

When a producer is relying on Fran O'Sullivan to defend his show, that is telling in itself. Again, TV3 can produce any show they like, but how dare $420 000 of taxpayer money gets spent on this crap? The GC is the best recruitment tool for Australia ever devised.


I've boycotted this show for the last couple of weeks leading up to their killing off of TVNZ7 and it must have gotten under someones thin skin because their producer, Tim Watkin, the Mighty Kite at Q+A emailed me last week bitching that I wasn't fair in my non-review of Q+A. Seeing as his channel just killed off the only public broadcasting they do, his complaints carried all the relevance of Israeli's living in occupied land being grumpy about rocket fire.

Having to watch Q+A again after TVNZ have killed off 7 is a lose, lose.

So what do we have that passes as public broadcasting today on a network that relishes destroying public broadcasting? I suppose now the racist Paul Holmes is no longer fronting it, Q+A has become a public broadcaster by default?

Bill English is on, he'll get the passionate embrace that passes for interviews on Q+A, a discussion about euthanasia (it's a topic terrifying guilty baby boomers who have treated their own parents cheaply as their Gen X kids eye up ways to bump them off before they blow the inheritance) and a bunch of investment whizz kids who will proclaim that it's never been a better time to buy shares the way real estate agents proclaim that it's never been a better time to property speculate.

While I'm poking sharp sticks into baby boomers, did anyone else notice that Thomas, Armstrong & Roughan, 3 NZ Herald boomer columnists yesterday all agreed how wonderful National are? Is Steven Joyce the editor?

The panel this week is Dr Raymond Miller and Massey University Vice-Chancellor and former Labour cabinet minister Steve Maharey and Auckland Chamber of Commerce CEO Michael Barnett.

It's Corin Dann's first time on Q&A, he was the best bit about Breakfast, so I hope he can make this show suck less. I love how Greg Boyd has to explain that because TVNZ7 is dead they don't do a news bulletin any longer. The snide attacks on TVNZ7 in the opening monologue sums up the contempt TVNZ always had towards public broadcasting. Q+As triumphalism over killing TVNZ7 off is pretty sickening.

We covered the public service targets the Government have set on Citizen A last week with Dr Wayne Hope and Matthew Hooton, check out for yourselves if we did a far better job on a fraction of the cost to the taxpayer than Q&A managed to achieve on nearly $1million. I'll also cover it again on Mondays The Union Report with guests from First Union and the NZNO.

Corin challenges the free market dogma, but doesn't put the question in those terms, it would be good to see Bill have to answer it on those grounds. English could be on a hiding to nothing if he was challenged on this. Amputating the States ability to raise revenue so that justifies cut backs in the State is not a solution.

The jaw dropping moments are Bill's desire to drug test beneficiaries and wanting to force them to move to Christchurch.

It's good to see the contempt people texting in feel about the topics being discussed.

No focus whatsoever on how National will gain these targets. I'm waning on this weeks Q+A, so I'm off to Family Guy re-runs on Comedy Central.

They should rename the show 'pulling its punches'.



At 1/7/12 4:38 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ok . Well , while all that bullshit was going on . ( Corin Dann Bomber... ? Really ? Have I missed something ? ) I watched the TV3 program ' Think Tank ' hosted by John Tamahere again and it was really very good .Law professor Jane Kelsey was fantastic as were Mike Smith , activist and Syd Kepa Council of Trade Unions vice president were expressing their grave concerns for the dreaded TPPA or Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement . They were superb . It was a breath of fresh air . To see these intelligent , motivated and passionate people expressing themselves so well .

As for TVNZ ? Shame . Shame on you . History will see you as traitors and liars . You've brought disrespect to your profession and just like Australian under-arm bowling , that reputation will never go away .

For your viewing enlightenment in case you missed it ;


At 1/7/12 6:38 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

I didn't watch either show becuase I have been contemplating the global ramifications of the TomKat divorce. Shame on you Bomber for not covering this major breaking story.

At 2/7/12 6:26 am, Blogger frances jane said...

Re: The Gulag, which Christchurch is becoming, disregarding this manouver by the dept of antisocial engineering for a minute, there are currently areas of the country where the unemployment benefit is not paid, consequentially many iwi members cannot go home and support their kaumatua, work on their land or maintain their marae for the benefit of their own mokopuna. This is the type of non-negociable draconian edict implemented by the beauraucratic dominatrical machine which purveys government and ultimately produces ministers of either major party. This kind of debilitating, draconian decronsuctrionism which passes for "government" (another example is removing accomodation allowances for people over 50 studying at university, not to mention the throat slashing of students' conditions across the board) constantly teeters on the brink of a massive breach of human rights, which the whole Christchurch fiasco is daily becoming. Government should be prepared for these kind of contingencies and there should be questions asked about where the money from this productive and once prosperous country has gone, not the hot-housing and enforcing of a ghetto. The rise to power of a trader extraordinaire coinciding with a growing scandal in the banking sector over interest rates fixing, there is no doubt the questions are being asked, worldwide: (show me the money ha) the question remains, where are the answers and who is hiding them??

At 2/7/12 10:15 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ francis jane . I think I love you ! You are the only other writer who has asked that elemental question . Where is our money ? To illustrate once again . NZ's a big country . Ok it's comprised of two main islands but it's none the less a big land . It's filthy rich also . Now , never mind the jonky-stien econo wank . Never mind high falootin intilechulls babbling on about financhull details . Use your common sense and take a look at what we got and we got lots and lots of great shit ( Please excuse the vulgarity of that statement ) . We had enough historically to be called The Market Garden of Europe . We were making enough money from exporting raw agrarian products we were able to build a public infrastructure the envy of the world . OK , That was then but people still eat and wear clothing do they not or has 'technology' taking care of that too ?. There are billions of humans out there gagging for our product .

In those days there were about two or three million Kiwis ? Today , there's only four million of us ! And we're fucked ! Fucked up , fucked over , fucking wasted and fucking abused for no other reason than we were trusting and hard working . But I digress . It's difficult for me to write about this and not get extremely angry .

So , where's our money ? You ask ; where's the answers and who's hiding them ? Again , great questions . A focused and determined thinker you are ! I reckon the Swiss know . Pig Muldoon had a numbered Swiss bank account so why then is it not unreasonable to suspect our more current crop of cunts do not ? Do our Banks know ? You fucking bet they do ! Do our high flying , sports car driving , whoring , big house living , " Fancy meeting you at Monaco dahling ! " , Uber elite know ? Fuck yes they do ! That's why I bang on about a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the relationships between our past and present politicians and our Big , Fancy , Sweet Smelling yet dirty as sewer rats Bankers , lawyers , investors , insurance dealers and business leaders . Spain has taken a public whip round and is employing a firm of Private Investigators to chase down an allegedly crooked Banker there . Is that something the Council of Trade Unions could do here ? What might come of that sort of inquiry ? Would that grab world wide attention ? Are you writhing in your nest 'Sir' roger douglas ? Hear that ? That scratching ! That's the Truth at your kitchen door mate ! The Truth's coming to get ya . It's coming to get you all , you fuckers !
The Barclays Bank fiasco is an excellent example of how complex a scam can become when I doubt even high-end employees didn't really know what was going on . NZ has , in my view , a similar level of corruption running through it's political infrastructure . A level of abstract corruption so intrenched , profitable to The Players and deadly it's invisible in plain sight ... Until along comes the likes of Tumeke .

At 2/7/12 12:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where is our money?

Ask that question to my Dad, he would reply Israel.

At 2/7/12 4:37 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Unperson85 . Well , your dad might be right . However,ask yourself ? How come two , waring enemies , embittered and embattled , managed to iron out a deal where by Switzerland was left completely out of WW2 ? Seriously , I'm poorly educated so I have no idea myself . Why was that ???? The Jews only existed in prison camps , in exile or under deep cover and for good reason and yet those Swiss . Makers of decent watches and plain cars did alright . Hmmm ?

I reckon NZ's corruption and swindling ( Thanks Bomber ) ways are part of a bigger picture of multi-faceted dalliances with big , sticky piles of lovely money aye jonky ? That's the invitation to the party in your best mincing trousers isn't it ?
I reckon all sorts of sharks are circling NZ . The big fat country , on it's back in shallow waters in the midday sun . As we Kiwis snooze fitfully , [they] creep in and steal away with our stuff . Liken it to a naked , unarmed man trying to steal a pot of honey from a cave full of sleeping bears . He's not going to go in there and shout " Hey ! Hey you sleeping bears ! Wake up ! I'm stealing your honey now ! Hey ! Hey ! " No . he is not unless he has a death wish . ( Seen the Doco called ' Grizzly Man ' by Werner Herzog ? Not for the faint-hearted ) No , he's going to go in there very carefully . He's going to creep in , changing sleeping bear laws , maneuvering sleeping political bears and setting up ruses to confuse the sleeping bears when the wake up and start fighting amongst them selves as to where THE FUCK THE HONEY IS ? Where is our honey jonky ? You said in the Dom'Post back in the 1980's ( Thanks Te Papa) that you were now comfortable after you traitorously brokered deals to profit from foreign others stealing away with our hard won , hard worked for assets . You sneaky little naked bear-whispering man . Shisssss ! ? What's that ? That noise ? It's scratching ! It's the Truth scratching at your kitchen door too you bastard !

At 2/7/12 11:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Present day Israel with an economy based on the estimated 2011 nominal GDP of $242.897 billion (40th largest in the world compared to NZ’s 55th) no doubt benefitted greatly from past and present contributions internationally. How else could a small state like Israel possibly develop all this prestigious military crap that many authoritarian regimes aspire for?

Who knows if New Zealand has contributed to this in anyway? But considering Israel has been one of the five largest purchasers of land in New Zealand in the past five years and considering the controversial background of land sales with the Crafar farms controversy along with this “government’s” close relations with Israel, is concerning enough. Particularly considering this “government’s” abhorrent social policies tossing sections of society into some social dustbin of poverty or hardship, or the record migration of people here overseas reminiscent of the Palestinian nakba.

Consider this; the Middle East was a region relatively quiet for the West since the last crusades. With the discovery of oil in Persia in 1908, the First World War and British double dealing with Arab and Jew which resulted in Palestine then Israel along with the Anglo-French partition of the Mid-East, which has largely been responsible for the mess the region is in presently. A hot spot like Israel is profitable for those who deal in black gold, every time trouble flares up resulting in news headlines, the hysterical markets inflate the price of the stuff. The Israel vs. (place a Mid-East country here) conflict serves this purpose, such as the current round with Iran. Notice how many pro-Israel Christian Zionists such as the Bush family have their hands covered in blood and oil.

Anyway I have to agree with you that corruption is no doubt rife in this country, all part of one unholy global network.

At 5/7/12 2:17 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Unperson85 . Right . So those Big Players are making a nightmare out of the Middle East just to make lots of money . We might be better without money and go back to swapping cows for chickens etc . But then someone would figure out how to make a cow of mass destruction and we'd only have chickens to defend ourselves with . God , you can't win . Psychopaths can never be trusted no matter what nationality they are . They'll always have an atomic cow hidden away to threaten the free world with . Maybe their urges for power and money is hardwired into their sexy bits . I know my sexy bits have been known to over-ride my brain action . While foreign policy is enormously important to even us remote and very lucky Kiwis , my concern if more focused locally . I want an inquiry into the complex laundering process that masquerades as our banking and investment industries and agricultural 'producer boards' . Money is missing . It's out there somewhere . And people know where . All we need is for someone brighter and better resourced than me , God bless me , to start the ball rolling as it were . Thank you for the interesting response @ Unperson85 .


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