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Friday, July 06, 2012

Private Prisons don't work - just like we said they didn't

Well, well, well. What do we have here...

Serco failing to meet Mt Eden prison targets
Private prison operator Serco has failed to meet half of its performance targets since taking over Auckland's Mt Eden Prison.

A report card on Serco's performance released today reveals three inmates were wrongly released, one escaped and there were three wrongful detentions.

The percentage of sentenced prisoners with an appropriate plan in place within required timeframes was only 28 per cent - two thirds lower than the 90 per cent target.

Of 37 targets Serco was to meet in the nine months to April half weren't met.

... as this blog has tirelessly pointed out, the 2009 select committee into the privatization of prisons heard from the head of private prison provider, GEO, that the mixed model would NOT save any money.

Allowing a corporation like SERCO, who run the appalling detention camps in Australia and the worst prisons in Britain to gain a foothold here is tantamount to allowing a tumor to grow unmolested by surgery. SERCO have a record of abusing prisoners and the Mt Eden franchise as the evidence now shows is a joke looking for a punchline.

Privatizing prisons not only ends up costing us more, but it warps the incentives of incarceration into a profit motive which equals more prisoners. We have to get off this crazy path before the Government sinks a billion into this new private prison.

Why build a 900 bed $1billion private prison at Wiri when we will have almost 4000 free prison beds when it's finished?

Is this how Paula Bennett intends to lower the unemployment rate?

This is a failure and the ones who implemented it - the Government - must take full responsibility for this failure.



At 6/7/12 8:30 am, Blogger Frank said...

"This is a failure and the ones who implemented it - the Government - must take full responsibility for this failure. "

National - take responsibility?!

Surely thy jests, Bomber?! Responsibility is for the 'filthy bene-bludging unemployed' who lost their jobs because of the global financial crisis. Because as we all know, the Boardrooms of Wall St and City of London were filled were blue collar and office workers; solo-mums; widows; and invalids...

Yes, the SERCO experiment is pretty much a failure. But Dear Leader will find a way to slip-slide out of taking responsibilty. With a grin and a wave, he's off into the sunset...

Unfortunately, it may take another Bryan Bruce documentary or 60 Minutes expose to cement the SERCO fiasco into the collective public consciousness.

Otherwise, the great Middle Classes don't seem to get it...

At 6/7/12 7:11 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Problem is though Frank that the cultural 'shift" that's occurred over the past 25-30 years means that it's impossible. Any neo-lib type function actually needs to be enitely dismantled - more than that - any sins that resulted from it/them - need to be punished or they'll simply repeat.

Corporatisation of the Public Service was sold on the basis that there'd be more accountability, effectiveness and efficiency, and de-politicisisation.

Exactly the opposite of course has occurred. We have Gubbamint departments run as CEO feifdoms, Political influence (the likes of which are all pervasive in Minstrees and depts like corrections and Murry Fairs)
NO - there'll be fuck all accountability re corrections and privatisation of prisons - it simply CAN'T happen until the Public Service once again actually becomes a Public Service.

If EVER there was a good example of the BS - I could recount - but I don't wish to go into too much detail here.

A CEO though (in my case)... appointed by a Labour gubbamint thinking he was a sympathetic candidate - though in fact a Rodney Hyde sympathiser (to the extent he'd leak him anything that might provide political advantage occurred) ...... ex-Army, good-looker, supposedly experienced and not one that might be seen as a threat to "Stability" (more fool Labour tho' aye?)

A CEO though, that was as insecure as hell, (one that a relative in the SIS, who'd once held UN-type peace keeping positions in the Mid-East and elsewhere once said to me [to paraphrase] "thank Christ no-one has ever had to serve under this fuckwit in times of conflict") .I note the idiot is still heading this buggers muddle though - still taking credit for its successes, but still blaming others for its failures....I could list them - they're things LIKE Maori TV......Whanau Ora..... that sort of shit. The guy managed to con some fairly decent people too and continues to head the place, NOT UNLIKE many others Gubbamint "CEO's". Pubic savants work IN SPITE of them - not BECAUSE of them.

The kind of guy that I'd even be prepared to publicly call a liar after after being accused of same, but after several inquiries - even a Chief Judge found the guy wanting (to put it very politely).
BUT.....as I said - it CAN't happen - the accountability, truth, people actualy suffering any consquences for bad actions.
(If there were to be any serious sort of reform, maybe SSC would be the starting point)

Come the next erection though. it is sure as hell going to be the basis for which I place my vote. I'm past voting for a least worst option.

There is SO much opportunity for opposition parties atm to derive policy. Why isn't it happening?

At 6/7/12 7:41 pm, Blogger Tim said...

In short though Frank (et al), THERE IS NO RESPONSIBILITY or ACCOUNTABILITY. I'm not sure whether it was a conscious PLAN by the Douglas/Chicago School for the restructuring of things like the Public Service - I can't credit them with that sort of intelligence or skill and I'm not that big a conspiracy theorist.
But if restructuring of the Public Service (where, as I say, hard working Public Servants that actually understand what they're there for, work IN SPITE of their Mi-dnr mgmnt rather than because of them) had not occurred, we may well have seen actual accountability. People used to resign.

There's a good curr ent example - which might yet see the destruction of industry (or at least bankruptcy of a few as a direct result of government policy and departmental implementation of same).
The Minstree? (is it a Minstree?) of Primary Industry and Kiwi Fruit.
WHAT a fuck up! A band of Snr Mgmnt that cruised; failed to direct the fucking BLEEDING OBVIOUS, headed by a Minster of S bugger's muddle of a gubbamint that was ideologically driven and on a mission to cut costs - costs that once funded decent and realistic sorts of inspections rather than those based ona sort of "profiling".

Frank: do you thin we'll see any sort of resignations of Minstree of Primary Industry heads - or Minsters of the Crown?
When pigs learn to fly maybe.

Oh......and JUST as an aside: Wonder Boy is with Jooolya at the moment. His sliming and slipping disallows his bringing up the inconsistency of allowable benefits that people receive when they hit the skids (Ozzies are ok in NZ; post-Howard BUT Kiwis in OZ get sweet fcuk all).
But rest assured.... all that "training" by the Navy recently to cater for "boat people arrivals" en-masse was for a purpose. Licking some ginger minge in an anal region is a polite way of putting it.
When Jonky (and his sidekick Joyce) can figure out a way of spinning it - knowing there are people that have alrady sprung him), they'll announce some "Brave, COmpassionate, Sensible" initiative.

(Anyine remember though what Key said about Indian.SriLankan people seeking refuge not that long ago?)

At 6/7/12 9:02 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

What we have to remember is that it's not a failure on their terms. They exist to shovel public money into the pockets of the corporates and nothing else matters.
As for the spineless bloody Key - heads off to Oz to negotiate the same benefit access we give them and comes back having opened up our government computers to the QLD state government - what an asslicking germ!!

At 8/7/12 3:47 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

... and further more . Why was jonky in Australia putting pressure ( By squeaking and mincing ) on that government to allow Kiwis access to the various benefits and allowances while here , at home on Lost and lonely land he's unleashed Blast Door Bennett onto the shriveling masses ? I just don't get that . I don't even have a paranoia fueled opinion . He's actually forcing AND coercing our best and/or desperate to leave their homelands ? New Zealand is fast becoming a land of Farmers of which there are only about six , rich-farmer parasites and millions of shitting cows . But why ? ?? Is it really Idiocracy incarnate ? Sending the most damaged to the Outback to work in the mines while the smarmy accountant types get hard-ons while fiddling with farmer money as hangers on dress their halls with Harvey Norman furniture booked up through GE ??? Can it be that simple ? My God ! I've just had an idea ! All you Tumeke followers with your sharp minds and well informed opinions are actually smarter than the status quo who oppress you ! So when presented with a simple minded situation , you can't believe it's the creation of morons and so comlexualize it ! That's a new word by the way . To ' complexualize ' something . To innocently make a thing more complex than it is ! Hahahahah! For example ; ' To the complexualizer , a stick has to be more than just a stick .
You might ask ; Is it sticky ? There must be a plug for a USB cable surely ? When those yet to be converted look at , and listen to jonky , they're expecting more than is available and when they don't get that , they invented the greedy little tit ! That's it ! He's something of a savant with numbers but he's dumb as a grub at anything else . And human beings ARE everything but numbers ! Eureka ! The Higgs- Bosun fucking thingy of politics ! Treat people like morons and they will believe they are morons thus , the morons who will have us believe we're the morons are the morons that we think are brilliant ! Genius! What a swindle ! So , the sheep are herding the wolves into prisons of the wolves own making . Hahahahahah ! And the wolves whom are now convinced are vegetarians by the sheep will get eaten by the sheep who have now developed a taste for wolf meat unless they emigrate for ever to a flat , nasty sandpit full of things that sting and bite . Oh my God ! It's so obvious to me now .
What's the bet when every New Zealander that can walk or crawl makes it to Australia then when that economy shits itself , The Wonky Jonky Political Higgs-Boson Moron particle will have changed the law to not allow now naturalized Australian expat Kiwis back into NZ ? Call me paranoid if you must . Go on . Seriously , I don't mind .

At 8/7/12 6:35 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

... and furthermore to my earlier furthermore . " Before our White Brothers arrived to make us civilized men , we didn't have any kind of prison . Because of this , we had no delinquents . Without a prison , there can be no delinquents . We had no locks nor keys and therefore among us there were no thieves . When someone was so poor that he couldn't afford a horse , a tent or a blanket , he would , in that case receive it all as a gift . We were too uncivilized to give great importance to private property . We didn't know any kind of money and consequently the value of a human being was not determined by his wealth . We had no written laws laid down , no lawyers , no politicians , therefore we were not able to cheat and swindle one another . We were really in bad shape before white men arrived and I don't know how to explain how we were able to manage without these fundamental things that ( So they tell us ) are necessary for a civilized society ." ( John Fire Lame Deer . Native Indian Chief )
And on behalf of Chief John Lame Deer in a more contemporary and not so brilliant or literate context and on a personal note ; Fuck you , you greedy lawyers , accountants , real estate agents , bankers , financial advisers , Trust administrators and sundry otherwise unemployable lairs , cheats , swindlers and co-conspirators who do little more in life other than eat in the front and shit out the back while profiting from the misery of others . Fuck you all ! It's not poor kids from poor families that should be drifting into prisons , it should be you !


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