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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Police, Casino and Corporate media show their bread is buttered by National

National Party Old School Pimps

The extraordinary Police over kill towards several hundred student protestors at the National Party conference today show that the NZ Police are as bought and paid for as the Casino the conference was held at and the corporate media whose jaw dropping lack of critical evaluation of Bill English's comments border on the absurd.

Clearly the quiet deal the Police Association has cut with the Government recently ensures they protect the Government with all the passion of field slaves protecting their masters mansion. Phalanx after phalanx of Police blocking Federal Street should end any pretense that the Police are there for you, they are there for them.

The Police are a legitimate political target because they have sided clearly and firmly behind the National Party. Let's see the deal they've cut and compare that with other public services shall we?

The whole thing smells septic against the backdrop of the Casino, a venue benefitting from a corrupt political deal to increase filthy pokie machines as a bribe for a convention center.

Now add the mainstream media. How uncritical can they be?

Here we have Bill English astoundingly holding up a brainless Herald digi-poll claiming NZers wanted more mining! The most disingenuous poll in the world is the Herald digi-poll, holding up anything it divines is as credible as booking a time for the Rapture.

English then has the audacity to criticize any complaints about NZers leaving for Australia? WTF - National made catching up with Australia as one of their main policy planks - now National have failed to do anything about it, suddenly English wants to not only hide it as an issue, they attack anyone pointing out National's failure?

National can only get away with these frauds because the corporate media are lap dogs rather than watchdogs.

The vested self interest on display at the National conference is venal.



At 23/7/12 1:15 am, Blogger blondewithaniq said...

Yes Martyn it is..and to that end I bailed up 3 Tv Crew and told them as much at today's War against the Poor protest which was even MORE over policed than the student's Show & Tell one Yesterday. At least 3 to 1 at our taxpayer expense & the loss of most police throughout the suburbs today I assume?
I also went up & down the Police lines asking them why they are protecting a party who is protecting Banks & why their bosses are sitting on the SFO rpeort on him when they were so quick to investigate Bronwyn Pullar.
There was something positively Blair-like in seeing Key leave via 'back door'. Same method he does deals with Sky City? One may compare with method Blair & Murdoch used to meet in UK?

The stench of CPCCC is getting worse by the day here. Corporate & Political Crony Corrupt Crapitalism as Penny & I see it otherwise known by me as Bankers, Wankers Consultants Contractors at work!
We all need to put heads together & talk soon..

At 23/7/12 7:16 am, Blogger Unknown said...

The real question is, how can we as New Zealanders organize ourselves to ensure that at the next elections National is so defeated... that they may never rise again to power...(?) and at the same time keep the pressure on them to stop them from completely f_@king up the economy in the mean time (?)


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