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Monday, July 23, 2012

NZIFF review: Wish you were here

Wish You Were Here
Director: Kieran Darcy-Smith

This is a thrilling mystery movie that has you riveted right until the end. A very likable Sydney couple, Alice (brilliantly played by Felicity Price) and Dave (Joel Edgerton) go on a Cambodian holiday with the wife's sister Steph (Teresa Palmer) and her new boyfriend Jeremy (Antony Starr).

They return to Cambodia without Jeremy who has gone missing the night after a pill fueled party. What happened that night and why he is missing holds you for the entire 93 minutes with authentically believable performances from each actor.

The characters genuine likability has you onside immediately and the directors gripping second by second tightness of the pacing has you worried for their well being as soon as the flash back scenes from their night of partying start to sink in.

Special mention to Alice played by Felicity Price (who very interestingly co-wrote this). She is the hero of the movie, and it is her courage and strength that are tested. Her performance creates the empathy for the movie. Great to see Antony Starr as well.

What happened that night and the consequences of the fall out is dark and intense. A surprisingly excellent movie.

3 and a half stars



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