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Monday, July 23, 2012

NZIFF review: Killer Joe

Killer Joe
Director: William Friedkin

playing Saturday 28th July 9pm & Wednesday 1st August 4pm
This is a filthy dirty deep fried tale of violence and trailer trash ethics as hick Dad (Thomas Haden Church) and hick Son (Emile Hirsch) prostitute their daughter/sister off to a homicidal Sherif/contract killer gloriously played by Matthew McConaughey in order to kill their ex-wife/mother for insurance purposes.

As the wheels quickly fall off the plan and treachery is discovered, Sherif Joe decides he still wants payment in the form of their daughter/sister and all hell breaks lose at their final supper.

The scene where Matthew McConaughey has KFC fellatio performed on him is one of the 21st Century's high moments of cinema.

Hilariously deep fried and southern.

4 stars



At 25/7/12 9:37 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Ahh , A kindred spirit . The Film Goer . Respect . ' Kitchen Stories ' Factotum ' ' Angel-A ' ' The Bothersome Man ' so there . Down By Law ' Stranger Than Paradise ' and I really liked the latest version of Girl with The Dragon Tattoo . Freaky scene in the creepy house with that hideous kitchen . YUK ! All white and clean ... Uuuughhh ! Billy Connelly called the genre Fascist Simplicity .


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