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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

National Party NZSO cultural snobbery?

We can't keep TVNZ7 at $16million per year for public broadcasting that goes out to a monthly cumulative audience of $1.6million, but we can keep the NZ Symphony Orchestra at $17million per year to a yearly audience of 434,811?

And this from a Government who claimed TVNZ7 was a nice to have for the elites, how much more bloody elite can you get than the NZSO?

Nice to see the rarefied air that passes as culture for the masses from the Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry.



At 24/7/12 3:04 pm, Blogger Ovicula said...

I think it's a real shame that the NZSO is seen as cultural snobbery by so many kiwis. I see it as money much better invested than in yacht races or rugby tournaments, for example.

At 24/7/12 6:59 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

cumulative audience of $1.6million
You mean 1.6M people (not $)?

With budget deficits spiraling out of control, the "nice to haves" SHOULD be the priority for the chop. While I say that as a heathen who doesn't give a rat's arse about classical music (and couldn't care less if the NZSO was allowed to die), I acknowledge that many such programs (including ones I like) should be allowed to die BEFORE inevitably embarking on taking the knife to where the real fat is: Health Care. There I said it.

At 24/7/12 7:03 pm, Blogger Pete said...

I'm reminded of this exchange in Yes, Minister


At 24/7/12 7:57 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Its a little more complicated than that. And we CAN afford both if we want to have a culture and heritage.
Unfortunately the Minstry of Culcha and Airtage would rather have three mediocre orchestras than one world class one and two fairly reasonable ones. And that's not taking account of chronic underfunding in other areas or the arts (such as new musicians; bands trying to become known - which if we had a true Public Service Telecaster doing its job; actors and artists living on the bones of their asses permanently - or crossing the ditch - and so on! Its a gubbamint of philistines that think they know the cost of everythig but who don't know the value of anythig (other than their own egos).
More like: we can't afford a Public Service Telecaster (7 AND 6!!!) or a world class orchestra,or help fund more bands to make music vids, etc., etc. but we can afford to give Hollywood moguls and large corporate gambling enterprises millions.
These people are not even capitalists! If they were, they'd be fostering smaller enterprises in business AND the arts instead of enabling corporate mono and duopolies.
Like a stuck fucking record.... Neo-lib/Neo-lib/Neo-lib. Unfortunately Labour at the moment are still stuck by and large in a "third way"..... only marginally better. Both still see government first and foremost as some sort of business, THEN things like democratic processes, citizen representation get a look in if and when its convenient.
Remember those Goff and Cunliffe speeches? They're in danger of becoming weasel words!

At 25/7/12 7:49 am, Blogger Bill said...

Throw them both under the bus.


At 25/7/12 11:57 am, Blogger Richard Christie said...

Yes Minister

BBC production, therefore tax payer funded.
Can't have that either.


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