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Thursday, July 05, 2012

National damage clean green brand for Farmers (again)

I love how we are selling our assets for a $400m irrigation scheme for South Island Dairy Farmers AND subsidizing Farmers pollution as well. For the only industry doing well from their monopoly structure that we all gave them, shouldn't they be

a) paying for their own bloody irrigation schemes (and should they be using more water than they currently take?) and

b) paying for their own bloody pollution?

National are the political party for Bankers and Farmers, once again Key puts the interests of this tiny but powerful lobby group ahead of environmental concerns.

What get's me through these dark days of self interest denigrating our environment is watching Key getting a pasting on BBC's Hardtalk over our greenwash...



At 5/7/12 10:51 pm, Blogger Shona said...

You're braver than me Bomber,. All these years down the track and I still can't abide the sound of Key's whiny nasal toned voice. Abysmal diction, impoverished vocab, glib intellectually bereft reasoning. The meaningless Orwellian technocrat jargon makes my blood boil and my stomach heave. I read transcripts of his bullshit.And even that get to be too much.

At 6/7/12 8:05 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The Hardtalk Jonky Setven Sakur interview should be compulsory viewing. There are obviously a few Nats that haven't yet seen it (or if they have - I wish I knew- then they're either fucking stupid, or blind sheep following the ideological pathway of their Dear Leader).
Who's that semi-iintelligent slightly hyper little munter btw (a lwayer I think from Tauranga region), that sometimes appears of Breaking Fast (TV1) with Jacinta Adhern). ... The one struggling with the English language ????
Oi Oi Oi .... me me me
Shouts her down all the time (sure sign of indulging in the spin rather than the fact).
Anyone know his name - it eludes me atm.
Apparently an up and cuming star of the Neshnool Party (GOD fucking help us) ..... Still, I spose the Kiwi accent is better than Jonky's effort that's simplt the sign of someone that's basically LAZY as fuck/complacent and reliant on an over-inflated ego.
Bronah (I think that's your name) - wake up woman! I think NZ has some sort of metrimoanyill proptee ect OR are you ekshly es sloimy es he is?

At 6/7/12 11:47 pm, Blogger Hypatia said...

Never mind, we'll all be able to drool over V8's soon, roaring around in circles burning up fossil fuels - THAT'LL improve our Clean and Green image - and what's more YOU GUYS ( and probably US guys ) are handing out millions to the private business which profits from all of that excess...whoopdeedoo !!

At 6/7/12 11:59 pm, Blogger caleb said...

That interview is why National doesn't like public broadcasting.


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