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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Maggie Barry lets herself down

I must admit this surprised me...

MP snipes at Labour rival's lack of children
Labour MP Jacinda Ardern, left, and National MP Maggie Barry. Photos / File National MP Maggie Barry last night refused to apologise after claiming Labour MP Jacinda Ardern was ill-equipped to comment on paid parental leave because she did not have any children.

...not because it was politicians belittling politicians when they should be debating actual issues, but because it came from the very proper Maggie Barry. Stooping to insults like this is the sort of thing Tau Henare does when he's not to defending infants smoking, but the mild mannered Maggie Barry? It's just yucky.

As part of the new blood within National I always thought Maggie Barry was better than this, it's actually a little bit disappointing that she isn't.

By attacking Jacinda for having an opinion on paid parental leave without having children, Maggie Barry has let herself down.

Maggie has ended up saying far more about her world view than Jacinda's.

Ardern 1
Barry -2



At 26/7/12 9:45 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

Meh Baggy Mary has always been a reactionary old witch its just taken a while to show.

At 26/7/12 11:49 pm, Blogger bsprout said...

I have heard that she also asked someone making a submission to the asset sales legislation what Party they supported. She is in the party that suits her character best.

At 27/7/12 7:17 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

God ! I know what you mean Bomber ! It's quite bizarre ! Maggie Barry coming out all anal and cruel and fucking National ? What the fuck ? I used to listen to her on National Radio talking recipes and gardening . I feel like getting my ears rinsed out with soap and acid . Did she bump her head ? Has she run out of gas in her kick start vibrator ? Why .... How .... What th' ..... Is there something in the water ? See ! This us what you get when the country starts to go straight . All sorts of weird shit happens . How many of you have heard of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers ? @ Tim . I bet your laughing . The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers is beyond brilliant . It's where brilliant is kept in a dark cupboard because it's not that flash when compared to the likes of The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers ! Once , the FFF Bro's decide to go straight . They go from drug crazed hippie freaks to depressed , normal's living in a skanky flat infested with cockroaches and it aint pretty but it is Maggy Barrie . Hahahahah ! Gilbert Shelton wrote the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers . Great , great stuff . Go on . Try it . Just one little toke . You'll be ok . If it's too much you can go and lie down with a cup of tea and a hot water bottle . Hahahaha ! Silly Maggie Barrie , Evil doesn't look good on you .


At 28/7/12 3:22 pm, Blogger Tim said...

sGood to see the above (sly & bs) at least aren't fooled. Obviously the electorate was - JUST as they were, as well as a very sizeable proportion being apathetic, last election.
What a luvly WASP Baggie Marry is! She's just Jim Mora type "nice". Maggie - the New "old money".
Thank Christ I don't have to put up with her condescension on NatRad anymore. Still - that's a dangerous thing to say - Nek Minnut Stevie Joyce will be looking for a way to nobble the last remaining PSB outlet.
Maggie - a true gem ain't she?
If Jacinta isn't qualified, then I venture to suggest our nice, luvly Maggie is also just so. She should get back in the garden or the kitchen where she belongs ..... "aye" !

Why the uproar though?
It amzes me how easily New Zealanders have become able to become conned.
The place must be a Nigerian Con Artist's Paradise.
Eapecially so when there's a regime in place still preaching minimalist gubbamint.
I bet the awful bitch sees herself as a feminist as well!


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