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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

John Key spits on the Treaty and Maori Party sell Maoridom down the river (literally)

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop for Maori.

John Key has spat on the Treaty with contempt in the exact same way Helen Clark spat on it when she confiscated the foreshore and seabed. For Key to write the Waitangi Tribunal off in the manner he has shows how under pressure he is to make the first asset sale work after his whirlwind fire sale trip of Australia to promote them. He can not afford to allow the first sale to be a flop politically and by insulting the Tribunal he is trying to bluff any possible fall off of investor confidence.

It has backfired terribly.

Let's be clear for the stupid amongst us. This is not a case of 'Maori taking the water' and it certainly isn't as clear cut as Key's stupidly glib 'no one owns the water' crap. This legal challenge by Maori has been brought on by the State's desire to sell off a public asset. Things gifted to the Crown by Maori for the public good can not then be sold to private interests without Maori becoming involved. That is what happened when the Marlborough Council were arrogant enough to force the issue by selling title to glorified boat houses which sparked the foreshore and seabed confiscation, that is what is happening now.

The difficulty for Key is that unlike the foreshore and seabed debate, the asset sale program is deeply resented by the wider population. Labour sold their confiscation off as 'Dem Maaaaoris is stealing our beaches' and luckily for Labour the redneck media played along, this time however the wider population is hungry for any handbrake to stymie the asset sale process and the Waitangi Tribunal is providing that.

The political challenges for National are deepened this time around because the utter contempt Key has shown the Waitangi process makes the Maori Party's argument of staying at the table to influence decisions a complete joke.

Pita and Tariana have been loath to contemplate officially pulling their coalition deal with National partly due to their own personal welfare. Those salaries and cars make life very easy for the two of them, but the internal revolt Key has inspired within what remains of the rank and file of the Maori Party is forcing Pita and Tariana's hand. If they walk, Key's camouflage of moderation that the relationship creates falls away revealing the hard right reality of the National Party. A one seat majority propped up by the contemptible John Banks and Peter Dunne are two swallows that do not make a summer.

Key's problems are multiplied when considering some sort of sweetener for Maoridom. His own rank and file supporters are so racist they make the average Australian seem liberal, any deal Key cuts for Maori will evoke redneck fury from his own support base.

I predict some inanely draconian policy idea aimed at beneficiaries being quickly cooked up to desperately divert attention, perhaps the first born male of each solo mother being required for sacrifice to Milton Friedman alongside a cautiously optimistic editorial from the NZ Herald backing it up?

I digress.

Labour's history of confiscation here means they have no moral high ground to wage an attack against National from, so the real 'winner' out of this politically looks like it will be MANA. Interestingly MANA out polled the Maori Party for the first time in any poll last week, that's interesting because the Herald Poll is notoriously biased against MANA meaning if they are showing a lead over the Maori Party, that spells problems for the Maori Party if they continue to stay with National.

Key's need to make the first asset sale work means he's cutting corners and arrogantly disrespecting institutions that are deeply regarded. If he cuts a sweetener for Maoridom, his own voter base will rebel, if he pushes on regardless it will end up in the High Court and sour the sale.

Such a political dilemma couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.



At 11/7/12 3:30 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Yea well, any "Maori" that hasn't woken up to the fact that Pita and Turia haven't discovered "THE BAUBLES OF POWER" and ALL that goes with it, just haven't been watching.
I was cynical after the first blue. Trouble is there's been a second, athird, a fourth, a fifth, a sixth - you get the idea.
Treats and trinkets, cargo cultism - same shit - different stink - but the stink is the Maori Party UNFORTUNATELY!!! Cudda Shudda Wudda but for the personalities of a duo that have succumbed to the idea that SINCE they feel they've paid their dues - they're "ENTITLED".

Sorry fellas - you aren't! Watch your following bottom, and DON'T be so disingenuous to wonder why the fuck why when it happens.

You both actually need a bold kick up the ...

At 11/7/12 7:08 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Oh Bomber, why don't you tell us what you REALLY think? ;-)... Fuck holding back. Unfortunately, there aren't enough bloggers (let alone MSM) that hate John Key (and THIS National Govt) as much as I (and you) do to give you much competition. This is the reason I keep coming back here: someone has taken a stand and sticking it to The Man!

At 12/7/12 12:45 am, Blogger Frank said...

Well wrote, Bomber.

It's unfortunate that the dim-witted racists in society have heard only two words "Maori" and "Treaty" and are now frothing at the mouth. All thoughts regarding asset sales seem to have escaped the two neurons that pass for their "brains".


Funny thing though; Maori have learned the concepts of private ownership and the Court system very well. This seems top annoy racists and neo-liberals as well,


Ironically for these moronic racists, it's the very Treaty they loathe that will save their collective arses and our assets from being flogged off...

At 13/7/12 7:06 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

The good old MANA party huh ? You MANA guys , you be very careful when you dance with the devil in the pale moon light . Once you start to matter , you'll be at risk . Once you start to be felt , the knives will come out for sure . Many a good politician has succumbed to the seedy Machiavellian ego strokers well ahead of the play and who do little else than wait to trip up good intentions . Jack Marshall got knifed in the back by pig muldoon . David Lange got knifed in the back by dodgy Roge douglas thus here we are . In this hideous political circus of cheap , evil clowns . After all , evil prevails where good men fail to act , as the old saying goes . ( No disrespect to women )
MANA , like Labour have a golden opportunity to excel here . MANA particularly since it's brand new and doesn't have to live down the embarrassment of the 1980's criminal Renaissance . ( And we must NOT let those fuckers away with it by the way . ) All MANA and / or Labour have to do is be honest and true . You can't go wrong ! It's being handed to you by a mincing , psychopathic creep and his hideous mates and I bet , I bet he wears a floral shirt while holidaying in Hawaii .

All you Labour/MANA people have to do is let the Truth pave the way . It's dead simple and everybody I talk to is just fucking gagging for the Truth . Never mind the "Oh ! I don't like you because your brown or Oh I don't like you because your white ! " What a load of bollocks ! For Gods sake ! Racism is sooo last century . Get the fuck over it . While we squabble about skin tone those greedy cunts are ripping us off ! I've had two glasses of wine , am I making sense ? I do know this much however . Go MANA !


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