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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Is Tau Henare drunk when it comes to smoking?

There are not many moments in my life where I am absolutely astounded beyond the point of speech, brothers and sisters we have reached that moment.

This morning at the Inquiry into the determinants of the wellbeing for Maori children, the committee chair, Tau Henare, while listening to testimony from the Cancer Society on why smoke free environments were important for children, questioned their comments with claims that smoking during pregnancy WAS NOT dangerous to the child???

(Cue stunned moment now)

What was Tau's evidence to this jaw dropping assertion? He knew lots of Maori women who had smoked during pregnancy and all of their kids were fine. He said this in the bloody inquiry.

National spent the weekend berating Labour for living on another planet, well, I'm not sure what planet National live on, but apparently smoking during pregnancy isn't a health hazard there.

This claim can not be allowed to stand? Surely? Tau has to be reprimanded for such unscientific comments at an inquiry into the determinants of the wellbeing for Maori children, indeed don't those thoughts actually rule him out from being on the inquiry?

This isn't a 'left' or 'right' issue, this is undiluted ignorance that serves no one on the political spectrum.

If we are going to drug test beneficiaries, this case highlights why we should be breath testing MPs.



At 25/7/12 2:31 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I'm astounded that noone has actually taken this bludger to account before now! This is a man that puts his hand in the wind, sees which way the wind is blowing, and leaches onto that 'swing'. From union background to Nactional apologist. His blubbering self-indulgence emanates from every ever-expanding pore of his blubbery, greedy, self-indulgent body.
The best thing anyone can do for this parasite is to either innoculate him (perhaps the gangs or past union associations might see an opportunity, or more recently some National Party people - bearing in mind he may well become a big risk for them), OR better still - simply ignore him.

At 25/7/12 9:27 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

I wonder also about whether anal retention might harm the hallowed Baby ? If the father is a good Christian Real Estate agent and the mother is a neurotic OCD'r with a cleaning fetish ... ? Might that not harm diddums also ? How about this for an idea then . http://www.retronaut.co/2012/07/baby-cage-1937/

People should be encouraged to smoke because smoking is great ! Fuck it ! I loved smoking ! It's fucking cool , It's restful on the nerves , it smells divine ! Especially on the breath of a beautiful , slightly drunk women whispering sweet filthy things in ones ear . Smoking and drinking and talking and laughing and wearing great clothes and reading great books and driving cool cars and being a fucking human with all our pitfalls and beauty is best I think . Hospitals are for the sick and sure , you'll get sick from smoking and drinking . You'll get your shit fucked up wanking while driving in your car at 120 k and hour too if you're not careful and in case you're wondering , that explains long tire-skid marks , four broken fence posts and an oil stain on a dead straight road . Just sayin .

Tau Henare is an aging bogan and career politician but I say if you want a cigarette , in this fucking horror story that is our unraveling social , political and economic lives , go right ahead . Unless you're the unlucky woman smoker who might be pregnant . That's not ok I guess . The poor little bugger can't just say no . Sorry girls , I guess you just have to suck it up for the little 'un . But how are you going to save your baby after the TV has a go or when some mad cunt demands your child pick up a gun and go and kill someone for fun and profit ? Or God forbid , goes off to a place of learning and comes home a fucking lawyer ! Oh the shame ! How could you explain that it was your fault .... ! Your fault that you gave baby a chance at an education and they came home not pregnant , not smoking AND a National Party member who was a lawyer . How would you explain that to those back home ?
Trust me , there's worse things than mercifully shortening this ride in Hell by smoking dried plant material . Oh ! And passive smoking is theft by the way .

And I don't smoke now , that's the irony but I am going to take it up again when I'm much older and with little left to lose . There's me , custard drooling down my chin , bowls on the carpet , Richard Clayderman on the Transonic , a fag in my fingers , the acrid stink masking the smell of the shit , piss and cabbage of others . Hahahah!
Oh ! And one more thing . Charles Bukowski said ' If your gonna be something , be an alcoholic ... Pot makes you all Awwwwww ..... Heeeeyy Man ... ' Hahahahaha ! We humans , we're so funny . Where's my lighter and my glass ? In the immortal words of Oscar Wilde ; ' Life is far too important to take seriously . ' @ Tim . you have a good heart in my humble view . No disrespect man .

At 26/7/12 7:58 am, Blogger Nitrium said...

Charles Bukowski was a great, great man. His epitaph reads: "Don't Try".

At 26/7/12 9:59 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Nitrium ... Yes ! Hahahahaha ! Poignant AND funny . That was Bukowski all over . A great , great man indeed . I found this documentary in his life and times on the Tube of Yous


At 26/7/12 2:18 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Christ! you don't indulge in that sort of thing do you Countryboy? I mean the tubes of You.
Ya ageing fucking hippie!
Youtube - the new democracy - the voice of the populist herd.

(fear not - windup only)

After all .... there's been an A-rab Spring and a BBC doco called "How Facebook CHANGED the World" since.


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