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Friday, July 27, 2012


Kim Dotcom gets swat team, jailed and extradition charges for allowing people to pass information to one another without his knowledge of its content, but...

John Banks gets off scot-free for pretending his political donations he personally solicited from businessmen were anonymous when he had the cheque right in his hand!


At 27/7/12 6:47 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

That's because Banks is a cunning little deviant cunt in a cheap leather jacket . And we love our cunning , little , deviant cunts don't we ? When I see Banks all sneering and smug , I get that feeling when I find an unidentified pubic hair down the back of my throat at a dodgy bogan barbecue . The fact that he , and jonky and all the rest are in 'power' is an indictment on every voting human in New Zealand . What are we thinking when we do these things ? Here's a clue ; " Duuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh ......... TV. TV . TV . Duuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.... TV , TV , TV ............ ! Duuuuhhhhhhhhh Sport , Sport , sport ............ Duuuuuhhhhhhhh ! Sport , sport sport ............ ! Duuuuuuuhhhhhhhh .......

At 28/7/12 2:51 am, Blogger Tim said...

And the world's politicians (especially in democracies - in inverted commas = wonder why their various electorates are incresingly fucked off.
If I were politician or a banker, I'd either get very open and honest OR get the hell out now. Quite obviously, not a lot has been learned from history 0 and I spose that;s because electronica and market "sentiment" convinces many thta all is OK.
Moving right along then.
But while I',m thinking about the meaning of life and the universe.... it astounds me how that s-0caled 1% (and now all the divisions within) carry on as though they're going to be forever in "Control"
Like I said - I hope 1% politicians, whether they're Yippy-I-aye-Kaiyuums or Bainimaraas's from Fiji; Moogahabees and enterage friom Zimbideerbawe' ; Gad-off-ees; from Libyoff; Tony-fucking BLAIR ffs! - and his LUVLY wife Cheree (apparently trying for a further run); Jonky from Nzild - craving a "Yeas u Meahjustee" moment while being knighted"; et al!
TELL me now you're genuinely heartbroken that an oppressed Linyan necked the COLonNEL - when so I could probably feel some sympathy if NZ's dear leader should some how kick his clogs, OR have them kicked. All I can feel now is embaraassnent we have such a man heading a government, and by way of an democratic process - such as it was with half an electorate asleep!.
Which is why my concern when they awake and get pissed! (There'll be a Jonky and a Joyvcen AND ESPECIALLY a Banks that rued the day they chose to enable Alcohol pumping stations.
I'm content to sit idly by, and watch all this shit UNECESSARILY play out.
There WILL come a day when Blair has cause to shit himself. So too Bainimarama and Mudge - just like Gadaffi while we all looked on and thought mmmmmmm this isn't "civiised" justice.

Where do you reckon Key is going to be in ten years? I suspect the lazy speech - lazy-mind - low IQ - resort to ideology - learn-ya-lines-rote would be a defense when the shit hits. There might even be some little Pipiriki Turi bolt-hole up the FFFFFWhang-a-nwee prepared to defend hisself while an entire nation-state would rather neck the cnut. Still, Turi can turn him on with ab HRT pill or two while they put black magic pins in the face of Helen. ALL in the knowledge that a Pita Pita Patter has "got her back"

Maori Party.....Meahree Party, Murray Party .... .......

At 30/7/12 4:53 am, Blogger frances jane said...

yeah..and "nobody owns water"....


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