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Monday, July 09, 2012

I'm sorry, the Police don't need to consult privacy commission?

Ummmm, what?

A police spokesman said the force did not intend to consult the Privacy Commission because it had its own legal experts to ensure the manual was consistent with privacy law and other legal requirements.

The NZ Police do not need to consult with the privacy commission about new technology that allows them to use automatic number plate recognition cameras?

Isn't that an extraordinary statement by a Police force who recently blew $14million on illegal spying in the failed Urewera terror case?

Seeing as the Police spent $14million on their last illegal spying fiasco, shouldn't the Privacy Commission be telling, not advising the Police force on how they can use their new vastly intrusive public spying power? Especially since the Government announced this technology would be part of their plan to cut crime?

Why is it in this country that we rush to hand unchecked surveillance powers to the Police? Isn't it funny that we'll scream blue bloody murder when we think the State is over stepping their power over the individual (unless that individual happens to be a dirty filthy bennie) but not a whisper as the Police amass intrusive spying powers?

I don't drive a car so I couldn't care less about these new powers, but the rest of you schmucks should wake up.

For those who bleat that the Police should never be challenged...

Judge: police clearly wrong
Two Timaru policemen have been told by a judge their evidence was unreliable about why they Tasered and pepper-sprayed a man.

We need more checks and balance to Police power, not less.



At 13/7/12 3:00 am, Blogger Mike said...

No doubt they plan to extend the systems use just as the UK is about to do. They are implementing a system at petrol stations whereby all number plates are checked and the system automatically switches the petrol pumps off for any vehicles that don't have their rego and insurance current. It doesn't take much imagination to think about a whole heap of further uses the powers that be no doubt have planned for the system.


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