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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

If this is the NZ Police winning the war on drugs, I'd hate to see what losing looks like

Fresh from the utter hypocrisy of a booze and tobacco pimp like Peter Dunne cracking down on party pills, comes this embarrassing triumphalism from the NZ Police over their idiotic war on drugs...

2500 arrests in cannabis busts

Police say they have busted cannabis operations across the country resulting in more than 2500 arrests and the seizure of drugs with a potential worth of $130 million.

The six-month crackdown had resulted in a massive dent in New Zealand's cannabis supply, police said.

As well as arresting 2573 people, police also confiscated 280 kilograms of plant material, estimated at $5.6m, and destroyed more than 130,385 plants and seedlings with a potential street value (at maturity) of up to $130m.

They found 248 children living in drug houses, covert operations manager Detective Inspector Paul Berry said.

By targeting cannabis growers and dealers, police estimated that $350 million worth of harm had been saved to the New Zealand economy and to the children who were put "in harm's way every day".

...oh sweet zombie Jesus, is 'won't somebody think of the children' crap what the Police use as a justification for this pointless war on cannabis now is it?

I Love how the Police are holding up the 2500 arrested for cannabis last year as a victory on their war against a plant - that's 2500 people pointlessly clogging our prisons and justice system for a substance less harmful than booze.

If that's victory in their war on drugs I'd hate to see what a loss looks like.

No wonder the Government are building as many private prisons as they can, with cannabis as the most widely used illegal drug in the country, the Police need to fill those prison cells and seize assets with all the glee of a parking warden on meth writing out tickets.

This is not how adults should conduct social policy.



At 18/7/12 1:59 pm, Blogger fatty said...

"Police recognise that cannabis continues to be a major issue for New Zealanders and causes widespread harm to the community through health issues caused by addiction and related crime such as thefts and burglary," Mr Berry said.

Fox-news shite again from the most destructive gang in New Zealand...
It'd be nice if they could show us some research on how many kiwis are addicted to weed. At best this bust has stopped some people from getting the munchies for a few weeks, those people may instead choose to drink alcohol...great, just what we need.
If weed is related to thefts and burglary, it is because of its illegal status, not due to its effects. As a drug, caffeine is probably more likely to motivate offensive behaviour against another person.
It must suck to be one of the few cops with a brain...to wake up each morning and know that you are being a burden on society.
Does anyone know the cost of this bust?...how much did we spend on this?


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