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Monday, July 09, 2012

How silent can the msm be over the Lizard in Oz?

"Heeeeey, who loves money? The great salesmen on his whirlwind Australian fire sale tour

Does it creep anyone else out that Key is actually in Australia like a cheap door to door salesman promoting our assets sales to Ozzie investors and that because it's not an 'official' trip our mainstream media are silent on this?

Shouldn't we see our Prime Minister flogging our assets off to the Australians? Shouldn't we hear what he is promising and saying to those Australian investors?

How isn't that news?

Is it not news because the mainstream media are eyeing up that $120million in spin money to advertise the asset sales?

Seeing as Key is in Australia, why isn't he pushing against Australia's discrimination of NZers in Oz instead of trying to flog off our assets on his whirlwind fire sale tour?

There are now more NZers living in Australia than in Christchurch, all that seems to mean is that John Key can't look after the interest of NZers no matter where they live.

The National Party: They gives 'economic treason' a bad name.



At 9/7/12 11:50 am, Blogger Frank said...

The question has to be asked; just what is Key up to, over there?

What is he talking about? Who is he talking to?

This is "bread and butter" stuff for the msm, and it's shocking how little we've heard about his trip...

At 9/7/12 12:20 pm, Blogger Richard Christie said...

He's also been drumming up cheap asset-sale spin-machine PR to air in primetime TV news here by the gullible msm (i.e. supportive propaganda sound bites from John Howard and other mates)

At 10/7/12 12:14 am, Blogger paul scott said...

maybe Australia buy our pathetic weak nation we should become the ninth a state of Australaia and good thing too

At 10/7/12 9:28 am, Blogger countryboy said...

The NZ MSM is , and has always been only good for one thing ... A laugh . Seriously , just look at it ? Bare knuckle jurnolists ? Nah . Cutting edge commentary ? Nah . Empathy orientated , unbias reporting ? Nah . Was my Dad told by an agricultural reporter back in the late 1960's that if their interview went ahead ( With regard to my dad pushing for a New Zealand Farmers Union ) , that reporter would lose his job as result of a direct threat from Wellington ? Yep . There's only one media that keeps crooks , cheats , liars , swindlers , power freaks and deviants awake at night and that's this one . The Internet . The fact that there are not tens of thousands of Kiwis following Tumeke on a daily basis is clear evidence that the MSM has been put to it's intended purpose very effectively . And that is dumb them down , make them afraid , sell them shit , ensure they struggle and shut them up . I reckon jonky Squeak and Mince was in Australia at a secret location where they have that giant silo full of our money and I think he may have just gone for a quick dip in it to try and shake off the blues because he's looking a bit down in the dumps don't you think . His chirpy , giggle-sparkle seems to have become a little tarnished .


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