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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Gay marriage and adoption rights now!

MPs to vote on gay marriage
A bill on whether to legalise gay marriage is to go before Parliament.

The bill, submitted by Labour MP Louisa Wall and aimed at legalising same-sex marriage, has been drawn from the Members Bill Ballot.

Come on folks, isn't it time for NZ to lead on issues of equality again? Gay marriage and gay adoption rights discrimination is so 18th century, when Scotland, a country whose national dish is offal baked in stomach lining, can step up and consider Gay marriage, our cosmopolitan cred is being seriously challenged by haggis eaters!

The about to be released new position by MANA on gay marriage will please the rainbow community and I think this Bill has every chance of passing. Congratulations to Louisa Wall for helping drag NZ out if the homophobic dark ages.



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