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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flip flop McCully selling out to Fijian military

With friends like these, eh.

Murray... present:

Do we blame the over-paid wankers ensconced permanently at MFAT for the misdirection or Muzza himself for this collaboration with the dictatorship in Suva?

New Zealand will provide $500,000 to Fiji’s Constitutional Commission and has offered additional technical expertise to prepare for general elections in 2014, Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully announced today. The announcement follows Mr McCully’s visit to Suva over the weekend for talks with Fiji Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola.

“New Zealand’s funding will support the establishment of the Constitutional Commission and help ensure it is well placed to carry out meaningful dialogue with Fiji citizens,” Mr McCully says.
“New Zealand wants to see a genuine and inclusive constitutional process in Fiji that leads to a sustainable and stable form of government.

“The establishment of a democratic government will benefit the people of Fiji and the wider Pacific region,” Mr McCully says.

Muzza seems to be taking advice from the half-witted Nat bloggers who think that the military take-over in Fiji is acceptable  - on the laughably implausable grounds it isn't corrupt... as the last government!?  As if killing, bashing and detaining civilians and stacking every position in the civil service with military officers was ever going to be better? As if doing away with the rule of law and running a country by decree alone would ever be better?

Fiji's top court - before the military abrogated the constitution completely and sacked all the judges - told the junta to hold elections immediately to establish legitimate government . Instead they said they would take the next 7 years to gerrymander up a new constitution under their thumb of heavy censorship, intimidation, arrests and bans on public meetings.

And after opposing this ruse now the NZ government is going to actually help the dictatorship to implement their contrived constitution. Unbelievable. What little credibility NZ had is down the tiolet.

How can a "genuine and inclusive constitutional process" take place under the rule of the gun, when the main players in the junta will benefit from the new constitution? The constitution will have a substantial mandate deficiency no matter what the state of the electoral rolls because the people will be voting on a system and within a system devised by their military overlords. They must have elections conducted under the legitimate law that existed prior to their take-over - not just according to any old shit the puppet-masters make up.

McCully is empowering and emboldening the regime and is effectively and pre-emptively validating the election. This is at odds with everything NZ is supposed to stand for in the Pacific and in the world.

What heed will any dictatorship pay the NZ government when they know just how weak we are when it comes to the crunch? McCully leaves no incentives for regimes such as these to abandon their rule so long as he is willing to indulge them in their games.


At 25/7/12 7:48 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Why would a government that finds democracy inconvenient in NZ actually give a shit about what has been happening in Fiji. It's only been 3 or 4 years since Jonky knew where the place was - as Michael Field once put it (to paraphrase) .... somewhere beneath halfway on his way to holidays in Hawaii.
This government circumvents every democratic process when it gets in their way, from regional councils to enabling corporate monopolies, to selling sovereignty. No surprises then with foreign policy.
Its not as though people in our Security "intelligence" services aren't aware of the measure of Frank Bainimarama either! ... or perhaps Muzza has been promised a good deal for him and his mates at some lovely little holiday resort.

At 25/7/12 8:24 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Why am I the first ? I'm never first . I'm usually much smarter than to be first .
@ Tim . While speaking broadly and in my very humble opinion ; What we're witnessing in Fiji re the NZ gubbamint is a sign of things to come . Scum fascists making it easy for other scum fascists to feed at the trough . Those guys and our guys have nothing to do with fairness , the democratic process or indeed the pesky ' human ' element in any sense of the words .
Chillingly and like it or not but we're [ Humans in western culture ] witnessing a change in the way things [ Re global economics and societal change ] are done and if you don't like it [ When you get bored patrolling your boundaries with a 12 gauge ] then you'd best head for the hills with you and yorn because it's gonna get fucking uglier before it gets pretty .

Experimentation before implementation ?

Just what might happen if you took over a small population of south pacific islands using thugs with guns ? Hmmmm ? I know ! Lets try it with Fiji and see who jumps highest ? Yep , just as we thought ... no one gives a fuck . They're only people . It's not like they're a corporation making profits .

At 26/7/12 1:35 pm, Blogger Tim said...

One is not allowed to identify members of our "security" personnel - but "one" once told me (as a close relative) that given my surname on a passport, I (or my offspring) shouldn't set foot in Fiji till Frank is gone. I took him at his word - given his stellar career in the NZ Military (and his father's career prior to that), and subsequent experience in the SIS.
Out of expediency then, Muzza and mates have decided on an expediency that suits their purpose. They should be ashamed - and I've NO DOUBT that at some point in the future it'll jump up and bite them in the bum AS IT SHOULD AND WILL.
Tales of the Esmeralda, and all that.... they pale into insignificance with the true measure of a man that is pure evil - a man that Muzza now wants to engage with. Forget about coup apologists and all.... even forget about people who thought they were indulging in some "greater cause" - Shaistas .... even others.
The guy is a !@#$% - not unlike other !@#$%^'s - worse than many in fact!
This is the guy Muzza (a "duffer" at the best of times) has chosen to engage with.

I always said that the shortsightedness of NZ politicians was glaring - given the fact that it will be NZ and OZ that are left to clean up the mess afterwards. Unfortunately Muzza has simply chosen to make the mess worse. I hope he's consulted with our trans-Tassie "cuzzies" first though.
IF he has, and IF THEY AGREE with him (perhaps they've left their little bros to conduct an experiment), then more fool them.

In my last comment - I quoted Michael Field. ONLY because he predicted way back when that all this shit would happen.

Thank Christ tho' that I never emigrated and invested there back in 2004 aye? - all in the pursuit of a life you suggest as an alternative. Besides which Fiji, as a 'hub', is already on the decline - tho' it may (after Muzza and Jonky) become one of those hidden treasures for those with their morals and ethics that live in the sewer

At 26/7/12 1:48 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Oh ..... Countryboy
I'm glad (if you do that is) that you agree Frank is a facist - rather than some left-wing bleeding heart of socialist orientation that he's managed to convince others he is.
Of course there's a FINE line when it comes to totalitarianism, but if anyone thinks ("Indo" Fijians for a start) think he gives a shit about their welfare, then they're bordering on the delusional.
Frank gives a shit about Frank - pure and simple!
Not as tho' we haven't seen it all before - Mugabe's, Gadaffi's et all.
Self preservation at whatever cost is Frank's main concern - always has been, always will be, and Muzza is buying in to it - probably because that's his main concern as well


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