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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dear John - Waitangi Clan ain't nuthing ta f' wit

Perhaps someone at the Ministry of Culture and Heritage should've slipped the 1993 "Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' Ta F' Wit" onto John's iPod shuffle before he went all over town mouthing off at the Waitangi Tribunal, cause look at who just got bitch slapped...

Maori claim first blood in fight over asset sales
The Maori Council has claimed a limited victory over a Waitangi Tribunal request for the Government not to proceed with asset sales until at least September - but the council's lawyer says the real test for the Crown will be after the tribunal's final findings are released.

OUCH - that gotta hurt. Add 200 000 signatures to the petition calling for a referendum on asset sales and a September launch looks more aspirational than reality. If Key bulldozes through he risks Court action pushing that launch date out even further or impacting negatively on the value and price.

Key is frantically running around trying to cut a deal with the newly created Tuku Morgan/Michael Cullen Fresh Water Iwi group, but a divide and rule tactic here will splinter Maoridom and cause the Maori Party to implode. National could already be eyeing up a 4% threshold Conservative Party and see the MP as surplus to needs now making Pita and Tariana's sitting at the table rational look even less appealing if Key has already sold the table and invited over a new date.

Nice to see Maori showing Pakeha how to resist neo liberal policy that is detrimental to us all. Key may have created a new political space for Maori nationalists and economic sovereignty proponents to come together as one force. Once Pakeha start seeing their interests covered by the Treaty, watch how quickly Nationalism can unite in a way neither deemed possible.

Key needs this sale for the cash. His Government have amputated the ability of the State to raise revenue by lowering taxes and needs asset sale cash to fund the basics that tax revenue are supposed to cover. Key will push ahead as this gets uglier and the fighting more bitter.

Key's desperate need for the cash will sow a seed of righteous grievance that he will find difficult to contain by 2014.



At 31/7/12 11:25 am, Blogger countryboy said...

Relating to the last three paragraphs ; Brilliant . It's brilliant because it's true , it's brilliant because it's righteous and gives hope and it's brilliant because it's utterly , totally and completely affirming for me on a personal level . Thirty years ago I started ranting and railing against a pernicious new economic phenomenon known as neo-liberalism and of how that madness , that vile doctrine and a rich mans guide to deconstructing a beautiful country , ruining it's extraordinary people and making billions of dollars by whoring us out to big foreign money would be our ruination . Almost every one I knew rubbished my fears as neurotic and paranoid . I was told to ' get on with my life ' and forget trying to change the world . Interestingly , most of those doubters have emigrated because they loath jonky-stien and his cronies with such venom that only non-stop sunshine and higher wages can soothe their savage breasts . So fuck you , you fucking cowards , and a double dose of ' I told you so's ' for good measure . Enjoy your Fosters and your melanomas and the colonies of Huntsmen spiders living in your washing machine . When Maori and non Maori New Zealander/ Aotearoans unite and wake the fuck up ... Then you'll see how fast jonky-stien can mince to his corporate jet . I bet it's already idling on the runway .


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