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Monday, July 30, 2012

David Shearer Vs UFO's

David Shearer is somewhere in the back of this photo.

20% of NZers say David Shearer is invisible, 30% say they believe in alien visits, does this mean that we have more NZers who think they've seen UFO's than the leader of Labour?

I'm just not convinced that the Pagani Doctrine of sitting on your hands and hoping people hate John Key by 2014 is that much of a strategy?

David Shearer is as visible as a ninja in camouflage.



At 30/7/12 10:49 pm, Blogger Frank said...

If someone is advising Shearer to sit back and simply rely on people disliking Key - then that ain't much of a strategy.

Lange didn't sit back - he took on Muldoon and damn well won.

We need more than just a dislike of Key. We have that in abundance.

We need an alternative; a vision of a fairer society; and a truckload of hope.

Otherwise, f**k it, might as well sell up; pack up; and jump the ditch.

At 31/7/12 3:44 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Frank . I feel for you man . I've also thought about selling up , packing up and moving to a land of friendly , happy people earning lots more than me and settling down with a new set of hopes and dreams . But I just can't stand the thought of these fuckers winning . Shearer is treading softly , speaking carefully , planning strategies , working in , playing the game , slowly , slowly catchy monkey etc etc ...

Fuck that ! That strategy is for old grandmothers/fathers at a scone bake off . I call it cowardly . Ok Shearer has been to war torn areas and did stuff and things . Who hasn't and who cares ! ? Who the fuck cares ! ? Has he laid out Mr Mincy Pants ? No , he has not . Has he leaped over parliamentary seating to attack an opposition member of our lame arse gubbament ? No , he has not . This dreadful shit has to stop . But how ? And who will do it ? It can't be the general public because we have no spirit left . No fight . And besides , do we need a prison sentence much less to be investigated ? No , we do not .

Therefore , I have an idea .

We Tumeke people ' Create ' the perfect artificial politician and pay him / her to ' act ' out . To be an ideal well-intended politician . That person would be motivated by their craft plus a salary plus per diems plus accommodation and best of all , with absolutely no political aspirations . A blank canvass one might say .

We write a script created within collaberative pre production meetings prior to each and every public appearence and viola ! We could use Skype and conference calls !

We could get an aging action star cheap to do the leaping and fighting and perhaps a bit of hetro shagging for all Gay haters out there ! We could create an Omni-Politician ! A debonair , intellectual , aesthetic , charmer . A bi-sexual Mans man who's not afraid to cry or punch his way out of any embarrassing situation . Like getting caught naked while covered in vaseline between Paula Bennett and Gery Brownlee . The Tem' Morrison sandwich ?

Because the actor would never know what we might decide he/she do next , they'd be out of the reach corruption because they'd have no idea what to say if it wasn't scripted thus their cover would be blown therefore immediate unemployment . Brilliant ! Whadaya think ?

What's really weird is that I get a feeling it's already being done . http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,1854887,00.html

We have a frightening leadership vacuum and that can only mean we'll be bought and sold like cattle .


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