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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Citizen A with David Slack & Chris Trotter

Issue 1: The National Party conference in Auckland last weekend spelled out that this Key ain't for turning - should National feel confident about winning 2014?

Issue 2: Has the Asset sale sweetener become 5000 shades of grey over costs in less than a week?

and Issue 3: Do Labour's changes to how they elect their leader herald a new golden age of democratic enlightenment in NZ politics?

Citizen A broadcasts 7pm Thursday Triangle TV



At 29/7/12 12:36 pm, Blogger Tim said...

What a party of hypocrites these Nats are! Let alone their association with BANKS ffs (given how he made his money).. The there's the Murray party!
I recently heard some comment from one of them (bearing in mind your recent post on snobbery and the NZSO - valid but for a lack of a complete picture of what is going on) about how smart people eventually come to vote National.
Strange how he seems to have forgotten things like Colin Moyle affairs, and how he may well still be having to linger around Oriental Bay toilets - not too far, incidently from where my wife and I, when looking out a window used to regularly observe the ushering in of Wellington College kids for whatever sessions were about to take place
It reminds me how shady crims "get respectable".
I wonder when the naiivety of an electorate will wake up.....or maybe that should be I wonder when the apathetic will wake up (the only reason we have what we have in Parly are Munt).

John Banks
John Key
Chris F
Bownlee!!! (shame the likes of these latter 2 remain unaware of the antics)
Paula fucking Bennet
Tau - Jesus H Christ! (Pita and co willing to prop up this opportunist disgrace to anyone he's ever professed to represent!)

Then there are those that are just basically THICK and incompetent!

Won't be too long though when things start ti bite "mum and dad" tEx paise en 'vestas' and no amount of bribing will change things - especially (speshly) when Australia isn't an option.

At 29/7/12 12:40 pm, Blogger KjT said...

Judging by the horrified silence whenever democracy is mentioned, I think hell will freeze over before the rest of us will be given any say in our own destiny.

We are supposed to think that the competence, knowledge and ability of politicians, of all stripes, is greater than that of the rest of us.

At 29/7/12 7:14 pm, Blogger Tim said...

What? Sunday and no Q and A or "The Nation" review.
Well .... why would you?
Phil Heatley for a start. A Poltishun versed in the art of Key-lingo, and whatever it was Q and A served up in the name of vestgative germalism.


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