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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Will Judith Collins be forced to resign over latest ACC revelation?

ACC is just the gift that keeps giving doesn't it? The war between National's factions, the friendly fire killing of Nick Smiths career, the ACC sackings, defamation proceedings, massive privacy breaches and the uncovering of a culture of bullying that meant even someone like Pullar with high ranking mates couldn't gain traction.

And now could the ACC fiasco take out Judith Collins?

ACC minister put pressure on bosses to make complaint - Labour
ACC bosses laid a police complaint alleging blackmail by claimant Bronwyn Pullar and Michelle Boag after being pressured by their minister Judith Collins, Labour MP Andrew Little says.

In a general debate at Parliament this afternoon Mr Little claimed that during a meeting between ACC Ralph Stewart, chairman John Judge and Ms Collins in Auckland the day after a massive privacy breach at ACC was revealed, Ms Collins told the two men to "go after Michelle Boag".

"She urged and pressured and pressed the chief executive and chairman of the board to make a complaint to the police and that's what they did".

...if Judge and Stewart were told by Collins to go after Boag and Pullar and her response has been to hang then both out to dry, they will start leaking and Collins will be dog tucker.

How many Ministers can this self inflicted ACC fiasco claim?



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