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Friday, June 08, 2012

Why MANA is the Greens best friend

When I first argued for a party to the left of the Greens in the form of MANA, it was because it was the only way I could see the Parliamentary math changing in a way that would bring about the kind of genuine change that could lift those on the bottom of society out of poverty.

I also believed it was the only way to bring about real environmental change and I think that MANA is the best friend the Green could strategically hope for if the Greens are serious about being in an effective Government post 2014.

When you look at the history of the Greens in Parliament, it is a sorry tale of frustration and betrayal, mainly at the hands of Labour. No one has blunted Green aspiration with the passion of book burners at a library bonfire than Labour.

During the 3 term reign of Labour (in what I like to refer to as the lost decade) Labour used United, the Progressives and NZ First as excuses to deny any real power to the Greens and as they gear up for a real tilt at Government, the Greens must realize that they may get played by the exact same tactics Labour have used in the past.

That's why MANA is the difference. Labour plus Greens will not be enough to take the Treasury benches, and if Labour can bring United Future or NZ First into the mix, the Greens can forget any meaningful implementation of policy. This would be crippling to their activist base whose expectations will be sub orbital should the Greens enter a Government, having MANA step in and provide the extra numbers to tilt the Greens and Labour into the Parliamentary majority however would create a truly unique left wing political platform unseen in NZs electoral history.

The mainstream TV News media are increasingly referring to the 'left block' of Labour + Greens + MANA when they do the Parliamentary math during the polls, it is time to start thinking more strategically along those lines if the left are to beat a National Government.

The Greens need better friends than the Labour Party or they risk once again being relegated to little sister status by a Labour Party who will revert back to the same only-child-who-won't-share syndrome they've exhibited their entire political existence.



At 9/6/12 12:31 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Interesting post Bomber Bradbury and thank you for it . I reckon dear old , great old Rod ' Gay Braces ' Donald was offed at the height of his popularity and it was when the Greens were truly gaining momentum .Yes ! I reckon he was murdered . Mind you , some may argue that my opinion is worth less than Paula Bennetts G string is to a panty sniffer and my logic can stretch as far . Remember when that Secret Christian Squirrel Ian Wishart quite convincingly argued how he believed the SAS murdered Paul White to shut his yap about Citibank and it's clients ( Where's our fucking money ! ? ) Remember the missing briefcase reportedly containing the Citibank ' Finders Fee ' from Whites wrecked car ? Remember that mysterious scrape of paint ? Remember how he caught SIS agents running out of his office ? Remember when one could leave ones car and house unlocked ? Remember when poor youth were just annoying in their rude good health and general rudeness and not evil and dangerous ? Remember that this was New Zealand only a few years ago ? Not some mythical halcyon time lost in the ages . That ' time ' was just a few years ago ! Well , ok . Thirty years or so ago but really ? The Greens AND Mana would be great fun but is that going to happen ? Has anyone seen a doco called ' Who Killed The Eletric Car ? '

Same , same but different .
Yeah ...? Narp .

New Zealand Herald headlines ! Green Party / Mana Party coalition in landslide victory ! John Key and front bench MP's arrested . Search on for business leaders . France has agreed to extradite etc etc .

Yeah ...? Nah .


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