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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Union Report online now - with Labour's spokesperson on Labour Darien Fenton & Unite President Matt McCarten

This episode: Will Labour look at universal union membership?

Issue 1: With industrial action looming, has the Government's bigger class room sizes been a failure?

Issue 2: In the battle of hearts and minds for the left - who is more of an ally to the Union movement? The Greens or Labour?

and Issue 3: Are the jobless unprepared for the realities of the workforce?

The Union Report screens 8pm Monday Triangle TV - the home of original public broadcasting

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At 5/6/12 7:52 pm, Blogger slydixon said...

I dont understand why means testing is not part of the debate. Bugger the raise in age for the Super just stop paying it to those who don't need it.


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