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Friday, June 29, 2012

TVNZ7 Funeral for public broadcasting Saturday 4.30pm

Saturday 30th June - Auckland. Funeral procession, marking TVNZ 7's last day of transmission, through Auckland ending at St Matthews.

Departing QE square (bttm of Queen Street) at 4.30pm - March goes past TVNZ so bring flowers and candles to leave there on way past to St Matthews in the city. The more flowers the better!!! Facebook details.



At 29/6/12 4:19 pm, Blogger Tim said...

I like how 'defensive' that Dunne is becomming - a la final Backbenches with his protesting he will not apologise for attending a funeral. It wasn't actually expected of him.
It's a sign of the man though that he expects compassion as of right from those he professes to represent, yet displays no such compassion in return. Obviously there is sorrow for His loss. He should reflect on his double standards and propensity towards opportunism.
A spin and a slick line is not sufficient to hide his gutlessness, selfishness, bullshit and jellybeans.
Deepest sympathy goes to his son's partner and all associated. His unecessary reference to it on Backbenches shows the true ethics and gutlessness of the man.
Very Ugly! despite what I think is probably a genuine desire to see some form of Public Service Broadcasting.
No matter - his electorate will give him the message he actually deserves.


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