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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time to boycott TVNZ to save TVNZ7

I have been hosting these save TVNZ7 meetings all across the country and what amazes me is the genuine fury by so many at these meetings at the decision to close TVNZ7, and they demand a strategy to stop it. They like what the other political parties have to say on their new and sudden commitment to fully fund public broadcasting but they want a strategy that stops the death of TVNZ7 now, not by 2014.

So here is the strategy. There is no point attacking the Government, public broadcasting is as high on National's agenda as Republicanism is on Labour's, and when you watch the last Backbenches in Auckland and Nikki Kaye's whipping, you clearly see why National want to kill off critical media. National like soft media, like the morning madhouse on the Edge, or Sports Talk Radio, or ZB, or Michael Laws - they don't like public broadcasting so appealing to them is as pointless as praying for divine intervention.

If we really want to save TVNZ7, the pressure has to go on TVNZ. For them, this is an economic issue, TVNZ claim they can't afford the $16million in costs to run the station, so let's make it real easy for them. Boycott TVNZ.

TVNZ7 has 1.4million cumulative viewers, if they all refuse to watch TVNZ, then the blow to their ratings will be a far higher cost than keeping TVNZ7. It's time to vote with your remote, I urge every NZer who actually cares about having a public broadcaster to email TVNZ's publicity department and inform them that you will no longer watch TVNZ if TVNZ7 is switched off at the end of this month.

Make the cost of cutting TVNZ7 off higher than keeping it by removing your eyeballs from their ratings and think about it, really what are you missing out on by boycotting TVNZ? Their 6pm news hour isn't better than TV3's and Campbell Live is so far ahead of Close Up it's an insult not to watch.

Let's remember that TVNZ themselves were one of the biggest haters of TVNZ7. They refused to promote the station throughout it's life because they feared it would take ratings away from TV1 and 2, they have smothered TVNZ7 and should be held responsible for their hate crimes against public broadcasting.

Email their PR department...

Katherine Klouwens - Katherine.Klouwens@tvnz.co.nz

...and their CEO and tell them you are boycotting TVNZ if they cut TVNZ7.


We have 18 days left to change TVNZs mind, if enough of those 1.4million TVNZ7 viewers refuse to watch TV1 or 2, they will turn because the blow to their ratings will be far higher than keeping TVNZ7.

If you care about Public Broadcasting, it is time to vote with your remote. Hit the buggers in the only place they give a damn about, their pocket.


13th June 7pm Hamilton
17th June 5pm Takaka, Golden Bay
18th June 7pm Masterton
22nd June 7pm Auckland North Shore
24th June 4pm Orewa
25th June 7pm South Auckland
26th June 7pm West Auckland

28th June Wellington. March to present petition to Parliament
30th June Auckland. Public Broadcasting Funeral March, marking TVNZ 7's last day of transmission, through Auckland.

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At 12/6/12 10:16 am, Blogger countryboy said...

@ Bomber . As requested :
Dear Ms' Klouwens and Alice .
@ TVNZ One .
As a result of my following Tumeke re the demise of TVNZ 7 , my friends , family and I intend to boycott TV One .
It's abhorrent that a free to air TV station should be put through the meat grinder by TV One because you perceive them as a risk to your ratings , there fore to your profit margins .
Why ? ( I can answer that . It's because the Jonky Gubbament directs you to do so with big Stevie ' Rubber Jowls ' Joyce leading the charge ) So as you can market ever more shite to bored , depressed , anxious and unsuspecting people ? Do you not think it's demeaning to you as employees to pander to frantic lunatics , power-selling cheap junk ? Instead of bringing us the sound reportage , un-bias commentary and intelligent , fun programming we , as tax payers pay you to do ? Morning Television more resembles the Stepford Wives huffing Nitrous Oxide while imprisoned in a window display at Harvey Normans . The News is no more than a titter fest and I particularly like how fancy , beautiful people giggle and cook as some of the 270,000 hungry kids look on through their State funded ( Yes , via WINZ ) TV's at food they can only dream about eating .
TV One may be forgiven for thinking that the entire New Zealand TV viewing population has had their brains removed and replaced by small , mechanical mechanisms similar to the ones found in Chinese metal toys but TV One would be wrong . While I admit there are those insufferable morons who wave insanely at any TV camera they clamp their empty eyes on , there are , out there in ' Public Land ' a quite a few who have to endure many dentists appointments to repair damage from too much grinding as a result of the banal , insulting gibberish that is excreted at us by TV One .
Yes , I am angry . I am an angry man and I'm no less angry when I understand how political the Media has become in unapologetically supporting a regime of crony - esque , greedy , mutant , suit wearing , intellectually miniature fools who conspire to profit from public ignorance .
The fact that our ' Government ' has turned it's back on the public , yet again , with regard to this matter is no surprise to this writer .
The only good to come of this outrage is that boycotting TVNZ One will come as a relief .
With the best intentions etc Your's truly ...

At 12/6/12 12:16 pm, Blogger Gosman said...

Congratulations on inspiring countryboy Mr Bradbury. I am sure TVNZ will take this campaign seriously with that laughable, semi-literate stream of consciousness.

At 12/6/12 1:57 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Thanks Gosman . I take that as a compliment . At least I took your mind off kissing jonky-stiens bottom parts for a moment . You've never struck me as someone who can kiss AND think . Now , be a good fellow and crawl back to beneath your rock . At least you won't be alone there .

At 12/6/12 6:53 pm, Blogger Therese Savage said...

Great idea! I've just emailed them now, and I hope we get a large number of others to join the boycott. Even if they don't keep TVNZ7 on air, I'd be please to see them punished with some loss in advertising revenue!

At 12/6/12 10:18 pm, Blogger Frank said...

This won't be hard to do. TV1 News was getting pathetic anyway. Switching over to TV3 will be a pleasure. And Q+A is on Sunday mornings - no ads anyway.

Other than that, what do I watch TV1 for? Sweet F**k All.


At 13/6/12 1:06 am, Blogger fatty said...

I would boycott, but I don't watch that corporate piece of trash to begin with. TVNZ is worse than TV3...at least we ain't funding TV3. Simpletons like gosman gobble up TVNZ news-tainment like a hungry hookers on a truck drivers nob. We may as well throw those channels down the toilet too.

Gosman, countryboy is only semi-literate to you cause you have the mental age of a 10 year old monkey. Try google if you don't understand the word crony.
Then again, a selfish, inbred, burden on humanity such as yourself probably has no problem with cronyism. You're a pathetic excuse for a person, you mum must be so ashamed. Try adding something to the conversation, or go do something else. Attempt to bring some logic to the table if you dare.

At 13/6/12 1:14 pm, Blogger fatty said...

"Other than that, what do I watch TV1 for? Sweet F**k All."

Well said Frank. We need to ask ourselves if we want to keep TVNZ once TVNZ7 goes? The difference between TVNZ and TV3 is minimal...and if we soldTVNZ would its programming change?...I doubt it. It would play the same crappy cooking shows and house do-it-up shows.
Political analysis on TVNZ is zero. Not even close to Citizen A, or the union report.
I think we should have one TV channel that is Govt owned...TV1, sell everything else and make TVNZ1 a proper Govt owned and run channel.
If we do save TVNZ7, are we simply perpetuating a useless and ignorant corporate model?

At 13/6/12 3:49 pm, Blogger countryboy said...

Hey @ Fatty . Thanks man . Gosman has an agenda and it seems that , that is to defend the status quo or greed culture or me - me's . Gosman must soon realize that he/she is on the wrong side . Come on over Gosman . You're hanging out with tomorrows losers . And to some degree I am illiterate . I've only always pretended to be educated . I am not ... you know ... educated . The word bombast is tailor made for me but ironically you can't blame me for not trying . And I see that as a good thing for two reasons . Firstly ; life is always full of surprises to the ignorant and illiterate and I agree , those surprises are not always pleasant . Albert Einstein once said ' The greatest thing to have is a sense of wonder ' Secondly ; I can assure you , I am not educated beyond my intelligence . A strangely comforting notion to be honest . I will always be smarter than the things I say and do . Hahah! Finally , I'm sorry for suggesting you have no friends other than those you keep company with under your rock . I'm sure there are people out in the Light who love you too . And I would have written a ' laughable, semi-literate stream of UN-consciousness.' I reckon that would have been funnier . ; ) x


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