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Friday, June 15, 2012

Time for a super vice tax on gambling?

The gambling industry has never seemed so sleazy. Political bribes for a convention center by Sky City and the dirty tactics played by the Pokie Trusts to stop a Bill that will force them to put the so called community profits back into the community that generates them rather than fund wealthy suburbs all point to an industry in desperate need of castration.

Pokie Trusts have had it good for too long and getting the sports trusts they fund to complain on their behalf when those communities will gain far more back is a lesson in the deceptive tactics the Pokie Trusts are happy to indulge in alongside the social damage they inflict.

Sky City has a friend in John Key, so much so that the Auditor Generals inquiry into how Key actually cut this deal has effectively been ignored by the Government.

Anytime an industry has this much power and influence it's time to apply the gloriously heavy hand of Government regulation. Let's place a vice tax of 20% on their after tax profit, a super vice tax if you will.

Pokie Trusts and Sky City clearly have too much money to buy influence, so let's remove some of that money and influence. Does anyone really care if the gambling lords have to pay more while we reform and enforce their social obligation payments?

I sure as hell don't, let's bleed the gambling lords dry in the way they bleed our communities dry. Any progressive Government coming to power in 2014 must look at a super vice tax on the gambling industry.



At 15/6/12 7:13 pm, Blogger Nitrium said...

Yeah I agree with you on this. It's very hard to see how anything "good" comes from casinos or gambling in general... [cough] securities, derivatives, leverage... err, yeah the banking industry basically [cough].

At 18/6/12 9:05 am, Blogger Sam Reed said...

Yeah "good" (cough) (cough) "point" totally (cough) agree. Securities etc.. Would obviously only exist because of gambling and would never been invented without it (cough). And while we are establishing a link between gambling and banking I'm sure you'll agree with adding (cough) "present global economic situation" (cough) to your fine list of wonderful and important things we couldn't possibly live without thanks to gambling. (cough)


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