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Monday, June 11, 2012

The spin National use in asset sales and education

To justify their unpopular right wing agenda, The Government have set the spin cycle into overdrive so much so that poor David Farrar has had to give up his lonely travel holidays to work harder. We will all miss Davids socially awkward photos on Kiwiblogh where he stands alone against the vistas of the world. If David No mates wrote a travel book, it would be called 'Lonely and Depressed Planet'.

John Key says 'Mum and Dad investors' so much to convince us assets sales are good, he sounds like a cracker with a parrot. The reality of asset sales is that power prices will jump 12% once private investors are calling the shots.

Power bills will rise if assets sold: analyst
Private sector power companies charge about 12% more for electricity than their state-owned counterparts, says independent energy analyst Molly Melhuish, who warns the Government's asset sales plan will drive prices higher.

As for the farce over Education, Key claims it's the 1 in 5 children not succeeding that justifies larger class rooms. That's a barefaced lie, when Key says 1 in 5 kids are failing at school, he's using old stats. It's now 1 in 20 kids & our education system is ranked 6th in OECD, as the ever brilliant Gordon Campbell points out... To cap it off, the urgency behind the issue was because one in five children were allegedly failing in the New Zealand education system. “You can’t walk away from the fact” Key told RNZ this morning. Well you can, actually. That figure, which dates from an OECD report in the mid 2000s is (a) out of date and (b) highly misleading, in that it refers to the number of children who do not stay in schooling right through to NCEA Level Two, and not all of those children can be counted as “failures.” The figure has also declined subsequently.

Moreover, the false sense of failure and crisis being talked up by Parata and Key is also contradicted by the spectacularly high rating ( number 6 in the entire OECD) that the New Zealand educational system currently enjoys. The more accurate current figure for those who aren’t engaging and succeeding in education, as NZEI president Ian Leckie told RNZ this morning, is probably closer to 5-7%. In other words, the real figure is closer to one in 20, rather than one in five.

This desperate Government will spin any lie to con middle NZ into trusting them, but when the bitter fruit is harvested, where will John Key be to explain the falsehoods and implications? He'll be inside his Hawaiian mansion taking it easy from all the bother while we live with his failed ideology.

The varnish of his charm is rapidly fading away like last seasons fake tan. No amount of political botox can flatten out these spin lines.



At 12/6/12 9:39 pm, Blogger frances jane said...

Im thinking how Jonkey's use of the vernacular eg:"yes, just five sleeps till voting day," etc, is his greatest PR ploy...damn clever, really, make the proles think you're just like them....one of them, then, BAM! you got them! sucker punch...take that-fools! Damn clever..come to think of it, that's how a realestate salesperson works, except thanks to tradme they're going to go extinct


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