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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

So ACC is out of control? In defense of Bronwyn Pullar

Well, well, well - so it turns out that ACC themselves are as out of control and power hungry as their Minister Judith Collins. They have been caught out lying over Bronwyn Pullar supposedly threatening to blackmail them, her tape clearly doesn't show it, Boag says it didn't happen and the Police have decided not to press charges, yet despite all that, ACC are still claiming this threat happened...

ACC maintains threat was made, despite lack of charges
The Accident Compensation Corporation maintains "a threat had been made'' by former National Party insider Bronwyn Pullar at December meeting at which a massive privacy breach was discussed.

Police this morning confirmed they would not press charges against Ms Pullar in relation to the meeting where ACC managers claim Ms Pullar threatened to go to the media about the privacy breach unless she was given a two year guaranteed benefit.

So the Police se no evidence, Boag says it never happened and Bronwyn's own tape recording shows no such comments? The only people who think this happened are ACC. They are either delusional or lying, neither answer is particularly comforting.

When this story first broke, I wrote that my sympathy was with Pullar's position. Here was a woman who despite her high ranking mates still couldn't get a fair deal from ACC. I've often wondered throughout the muck racking and smears and Boag vs Collins via Slater fiasco that ended in the unintentional friendly fire killing of Nick Smiths career how many NZers who had suffered the same difficulties Pullar had faced in dealing with the ACC faceless monstrosity over getting their claims paid were screaming at the TV screens as all this side salad crap got served as the main dish.

We know ACC go out of their way to blame pre-existing injury or wear and tear rather than pay claims, they've been caught doing it again and agains and again, what Pullar really represents is how the corporation bully and use threats to intimidate NZers out of gaining help from them.

What we forget in this political shit storm is that Pullar ultimately is the victim here and that thousands of NZers with far fewer powerful mates get even less service.

ACC is out of control, rather than pushing pointless defamation cases that will go no where, shouldn't the Minister be looking at this example of gross stand over tactics on behalf of ACC and decide they need reigning in?

ACC is there to service NZers, it isn't there to threaten them.



At 6/6/12 8:11 pm, Blogger peterpeasant said...

A bit premature Bomber.
You sound like Boag.
That the police found insufficient evidence to press criminal charges does not "prove" as Boag claims no threat was made.

ACC management made the story up?
I do not think so.

Like Boag you protest too much.

You two really should get of the same bed.

At 10/6/12 8:24 pm, Blogger sis knower said...

The statistics look great for ACC and how their number of clients have reduced, what they need to compare this to is the increase in clients for WINZ for Sickness Benefit and Invalids Benefit. These numbers have sky rocketed due to ACC kicking people off their books when these people clearly are unable to work at all. Their bogus assessments are a joke..telling someone they can become a forklift driver when they've never done it in their life and their injury is their spine.. Compare the real statistics,.. pass people from one Government department to another solves nothing but puts people into extra financial hardship..

At 11/6/12 8:26 am, Blogger frances jane said...

The bottom line is that ACC does not provide compensation on a regular basis but routinely dishes out gratuitous psychological vindictiveness (try ringing for home help, haha). As the existence of the ACC means there is no right to sue for physical injury, anyone without private health and accident insurance is in a double bind when confronted with the sort of situation which occurs more and more frequently in our state of stress. Ask any self employed person how they treat you like crap. Again, we must ask, where has the money gone???


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