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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Save TVNZ7 meetings Hamilton, Takaka, Masterton & Auckland

I'm hosting the Save TVNZ7 meetings throughout NZ over the final remaining month of TVNZ7 in the hope to rally enough support for a boycott of TVNZ, details to be released Monday.


13th June 7pm Hamilton
17th June 5pm Takaka, Golden Bay
18th June 7pm Masterton
22nd June 7pm Auckland North Shore
24th June 4pm Orewa
25th June 7pm South Auckland
26th June 7pm West Auckland

28th June Wellington. March to present petition to Parliament
30th June Auckland. Public Broadcasting Funeral March, marking TVNZ 7's last day of transmission, through Auckland.

Full Facebook details



At 10/6/12 10:43 am, Blogger DebsisDead said...

OK I'll bite bomber, how hard will it be to get peeps currently watching docos n arts progs, to agree not to watch lame scripted reality shows, paens to law enforcement from embedded journalists, and news & current affairs shows whose journalists ignore the Middle East slaughter, preferring the prepackaged propaganda from amerika and england.

As far as TVNZ is concerned the ME is somewhere that only spruikers for empire cover, that is until some kiwi kiddies die and then they race to get the ultimate sicko deathknock interview with the grieving parents.
How hard is it gonna be to get TV 7 viewers to not watch that shit?

Answer not very hard. A boycott is easy. In fact you'd have to wonder if TVNZ bosses haven't already accepted the loss of those viewers, and being a revenue generating corporation instead of a public service broadcaster, have decided to forget them.

The ratings agencies are funded by advertisers and their agents so when TV stations, advertisers and ratings/market researchers all get together it is a simple matter to just agree on slicing an entire demographic out and pretending all is well.

Sound far fetched? It shouldn't - most of the ratings industry is controlled from Oz where the ABC public service television viewers were deliberately 'ignored' by ratings for two generations.
Companies paying for advertising were deceived about the actual numbers of viewers their campaigns were reaching. The scam only got uncovered when the ratings collection method was changed from the diary system still in use here to an automated electronic gathering system.

This is the nub of the problem; without 7 many viewers would be stuck with either TVNZ wannabe Murdoch TV or the genuine article Murdoch garbage, Sky TV.
They will download or get bigger dishes to tune into the Australia Network - it won't matter which because 'the industry' will just pretend it isn't happening - that these peeps just don't exist in their artfully constructed fantasy world.

A more useful alternative would be for all of these disgruntled media types to form a co-operative and grab one of the many now unused frequencies on the slowly dying freeview platform.
Run it from begging and donations, and the channel would get up in no time. And it would give Freeview a new lease of life over the Sky box.

There's a lot more peeps wanna watch decent TV than those fronting at the demos. Sad but true many TV viewers "don't get around much anymore".

At 10/6/12 5:29 pm, Blogger Max_black0 said...

"I'm hosting the Save TVNZ7 meetings throughout NZ"

I had thought the south island was a part of new Zealand...

Silly Me!

At 11/6/12 5:08 pm, Blogger Phil said...

I've already started boycotting TVNZ1 a long time ago.

I am not a robot.


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