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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Save TVNZ7 meeting 7pm tonight Palmerston North

I'm hosting the Save TVNZ7 meeting tonight in Palmerston North, All Saints Church Hall, corner of The Square and Church Street, 7-9pm.

Speakers include Barry Fox - 40 years in media: news cameraman and director for ABC & NBC covering a dozen wars, winning Emmy awards and national Press Club citations; subsequent Vice President CBS and on the Board of Sough Australia Film Corporation.

Richard Mays - writer and presenter of Undercurrents Television programme on TTV.

Joining them will be Labour MP Clare Curran, Green MP Julie-Anne Genter and academic Dr Wayne Hope.



At 6/6/12 1:40 pm, Blogger Tim said...

The thing that saddens me, but which I also find mildly amusing in all of this is the shortsightedness of this current gubbamint. Do they not realise that when there is a change of gubbamint, Sky's dominant position is likely to be clobbered even more harshly, certain TVNZ execs will have to consider a future outside NZ, and a number of other things will happen in order to restore PS broadcasting. Better for them to have been ever so slightly conciliatory I would have thought.
There are options available to a new government, and they don't JUST include recovery/recompense of the taxpayers intellectual property that has been hived off for commercial gain. These philistines don't seem to understand the basics - a functioning democracy and the role of media (including a 4th Estate - a term we no longer hear used), a Public Sphere, diversity, representation, etc., etc....
Since they don't, they shouldn't be surprised when they're well and truly shat on. But then of course they've not shown any conciliatory attitude to a range of issues (education, health, immigration, minority representation, et al) thus far.
I'd say the next change in government will give them a mandate to target all those smile and wave, smug, born-to-rule ideologues that have, and are currently jeopardising democracy now.
Also time for Shearer to step up to the mark - maybe he should broaden his circle of friends and advisors.


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