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Monday, June 11, 2012

Ramming asset sales through under urgency - the final insult

It's not just selling off of assets that all our parents and grand parents have paid for; it's not just the 'mum and dad investors' lie spoken to justify this theft; it's not just the fact that the only NZers who will be able to buy shares are the same NZers John Key has given $2.8billion in tax cuts to; it's not just National justifying these asset sales to fund infrastructure that taxation is supposed to pay for; it's not just that National will spend $400 million of these asset sales to subsidize South Island Dairy farmers irrigation; it's not just the $120 million National have put aside for the spin Drs to try and con the rest of the sleepy hobbits of NZ into thinking this isn't the economic molestation it actually is.

Oh no, it's not just all of that, the final insult is that National are ramming this theft through under another misuse of urgency...

Asset-sales law 'being rushed' to dodge poll
Opposition parties say contentious asset-sales legislation could be passed under urgency because the Government fears the momentum that a citizens-initiated referendum is gaining – and the Government isn't ruling it out.

Parliament's finance and expenditure committee yesterday finished its deliberations on the Government's Mixed Ownership Bill to enact its plans to sell up to 49 per cent of state-owned power companies Mighty River Power, Meridian, Solid Energy and Genesis. The committee has spent the past month hearing from about 100 people mostly opposing the bill, after a total of 1400 written submissions were received.

Labour and the Greens claim National MPs on the committee outnumbered them to force an end to deliberations six weeks early and after only an hour of discussion. The bill was due to be reported back to Parliament on July 16.

The fear that is inspiring the amputation of democratic oversight and due process is palatable. As NZers realize that this Government are too weak to stand by their convictions, they are protesting in larger and angrier numbers and the mainstream media feel no loyalty to National the way they did during National's first term, (especially after Joyce had Key turn on them over the Epsom Tea Pot tapes). This all adds up to a Government now frightened of the population they govern and once the inevitable 12% power costs increases occur after the sell off, National know the electorate will be damning come 2014.

Don't even start me on National's attempt to use the Christchurch earthquake to sell Christchurch's assets.

This is a Government for the rich, by the rich, in the interests of the rich. Feeling aspirational yet NZ?

John Key is the empty promise of a Lotto ticket minus the charm.



At 11/6/12 9:47 am, Blogger Grhys said...

so whats left for my kids?


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